How to Measure Your Intranet ROI

This is Part One of our How To Get Happier Employees four-part series where you’ll find out how to create a positive work culture, and how your intranet can help. Find Part Two, Three and Four here.

Happy employees are engaged, emotionally fulfilled, connected, and know their work is valued. These traits stem from a rich office culture that actively encourages engagement on all levels. It’s the greatest challenge facing modern workplaces, especially when dependent on their intranets to do so. But when done right, the benefits are hugely rewarding for company and employee alike.   

Part Two packs a one-two punch in how communication boosts employee happiness, and what kind of ROI benefits you’ll see because of it.

This is ROI Tap.

Good communication is imperative to the success of a company. Your employees are reliant on a clear internal comms to do their jobs well. But when they’re unable to get the info they need, productivity drops. 

You likely know the benefits of better communication outweigh the costs when investing in a new, modern intranet for employee engagement. But you need hard-hitting facts and proof that the ROI is all worth it in the end. 

Here you’ll find out how having awesome communication in place will amp ROI up to eleven. 

It used to be communication was done verbally or through quarterly newsletters to pass on important company information. It worked OK until the UK intranet was born in 1994 – by no other than Orchidsoft, Oak Intranet’s parent company – where employees were expected to login daily for company news and other information. But, just like Frankenstein’s monster, the intranet became twisted and unnatural, and the bane of every employee’s existence as intranets became dull, slow and corporate (for that, we made it up to you by creating something better).  

Quite exciting, this social tech magic! 

Fortunately, the last few years have seen a surge of beneficial social tech revolutionising intranets to bring both vital forms of connection, technically and emotionally, to employees for a more well-rounded work experience.  

In a connected office, a colossal part of getting work done is finding and sharing information. Yet, according to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), “the average employee spends approximately 28 percent of the workweek managing email and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.” 

However, when using an internal social tech, such as a collaborative intranet, content and messages are added to the knowledge base where keywords are indexed resulting in reduced search time by as much as 35%. This extends to finding the right people for a task and having a searchable database that showcases employees’ skills and talents. Suddenly, it becomes so much easier to know who to reach out to. 

The MGI elaborates that when using a collaborative intranet, a company’s productivity can increase by 20-25%, as employees are more connected which increases work happiness. Yet, while 72% of companies are using social tech in some way, few reach their fullest potential due to worries from higher-ups such as distraction, maintenance cost, and inappropriate behaviour. Intranet companies do provide the support and tools needed to control intranet usage, but there’s only so much that can be done if company leaders don’t trust their workforce – and, when 50% of CEOs globally think lack of trust is a huge threat to their company’s growth problems, building a culture of trust should be priority number one in realising the fullest potential of your intranet. 

To realise the full potential of a collaborative intranet, companies must create an employee-centric culture to increase trust, so employees won’t be afraid to share ideas and be confident their contributions are respected. When employees are given the information and tools they need to do their jobs well, they become passionate and active contributors to the company intranet which improves overall ROI as well. 

Smell the ROI

Most intranets go to ten. Great intranets go to eleven. Does that mean they’re more engaging? Well, it’s one more up, isn’t it? You see most companies will be using their intranet at ten and where can they go from there? Nowhere. Which is why if a company needs that extra push, they need to push it up to eleven.
With a collaborative, social intranet, you can go all the way up, up, up to eleven and have more engaged employees and then your intranet essentially pays for itself.

Here’s how your amped intranet boosts ROI:


Let’s say, you’re the head of an infamous boulder moving company. And, your lead rock expert, Nigel, is retiring in a year’s time for haberdashery. He knows all about rock and how to best roll them – info hugely beneficial to new starts. What to do?

Get an intranet with social tools. Nigel can upload content, start a knowledge base and collaborate with his team to get all his knowledge of rock rolling online. Problem solved.


There’s a pulse in a new-born intranet, one that gets everyone connecting and doing more. Employees company-wide can collaborate across offices and with outside contributors, such as partners, freelancers and customers. Your intranet platform can create online workspaces accessible to anyone with permissions. Very helpful for projects, brainstorming and strengthening work dynamics.


You’ll be able to keep track of contributions and gain insight into daily usage through detailed analytic reports. See if your gamification tactics are working and find out who’s the most engaged and who needs more encouragement. Plus, managers will be able to acknowledge their teams in times of success and great job performance.


Improv is fun. Redoing similar emails and docs – not so much. No more ad-libbing; an intranet that turns all your content into a searchable database gives you the opportunity to put your latest boilerplate templates into one place. You can create templates for blogs, proposals, legal documents, contracts, scripts and more.


Want to know if you’re getting ROI on your intranet with cold, hard numbers? Get direct insight and track all usage through engagement metrics and reports. You can keep track, and even tag issues, customer complaints, bugs, training and projects, and tag the right people to be sure tasks get done.


Building a team with the expert skills needed for a new project can be daunting, not to mention time consuming and frustrating. But not if your intranet is built with this in mind. Employees can list their skills and talents on their profiles, making for a well-organised database that’s easy to tap into when searching for the people you need. Your intranet becomes a unified platform that saves time and energy.


Just like a magic paint box, your company can enrich text content with a media library. Sure, it might not be on the top of your list of intranet benefits, but it should be. Not only would you be able to upload images for projects and the latest meme, but also produce and put up informative videos for internal and customer use alike. New hires can watch training videos and current employees are updated with the latest processes and techniques. Having a media library saves training costs and prevents costly work mistakes.


Get the right content to the right people and spread the message far and wide. All content associated with a policy or message is easily accessible so you’re able to find information quickly. Keeping it all on your intranet ensures the latest version is out, and you don’t need to worry about outdated content creating misunderstandings.


Clean things up. Get teams together on the same track, sharing info and links without wasting time. Printing is not cheap; not only are the running costs high, but the environmental impact is huge. A modern intranet will make finding and viewing important content easier (and print-free) as you can access directly on your screen – especially if you’re on the go.


Simple mistakes create misunderstandings, especially in a chain of emails where one missed email means the whole conversation falls apart. With an intranet, conversations are easy to follow and there’s a simple and searchable log of notes, ideas and conversations. No more RE:RE:RE:RE:…


Keep all your information in one central location that’s easy to access. Getting information quickly is imperative in keeping collaboration smooth and flowing. A modern intranet will speed up the process and improve development all over your company. You’ll see improvements in your bottom line as well as see savings and profits soar.

Gain the benefits of an intranet and watch your employees feel more valued and heard. They’ll be willing to connect and collaborate more because they’re work process has been simplified all into one place. 

Having a great intranet is like Christmas, but the devil is really in the details. To find out more about how to get the most ROI out of your intranet, contact us for a demo or call us at 0191 460 1122. We’re happy to help. 

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