Oak Engage

The Power of Advanced Search

Streamline your search process and provide your employees with instant access to anything they need. Save time and be more productive with a search suitable for you.

Find Out What’s Trending

We’ve made it easy for your workforce to know what to search for based on what’s trending amongst their colleagues. A bespoke experience, tailored to your people and their needs.

Find What You Need. Instantly.

With Oak’s Q&A applet you can empower your people to find the information they need instantly. Q&A removes the need for any unnecessary back and forth between management whilst also negating the need to trawl through an endless stream of documents.

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Personalise Accessibility

Encourage your employees to contribute their own content on your company timeline.

All in One Location

Completely searchable, all the answers your people need to know are in one central location, making Q&A an indispensable tool for companies with a dispersed, deskless workforce.

Help Improve Employee Productivity

Keep things moving even when you’re not in the office. Improve productivity and streamline communication.

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See what our customers have to say about us

Oak provided a well-rounded app that did a bit of everything and we thought that was perfect for us. Whatever we’ve asked for from Oak we’ve absolutely received and that’s hugely reassuring.

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"The main reason we selected Oak Engage were their people. All the fancy systems in the world can’t work without a collaborative and intuitive partner."

Minda Galvin, Group Head of Content and Creative

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“The best thing about Oak is how intuitive it is. Within a few hours the team was up to speed with how to publish new articles and rearrange homepages.”

Ben Cook, Project Manager 

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“Oak is almost addictive. It feels like a window into our restaurants. We’re celebrating promotions and new hires to the business, and that gives us confidence.”

Chris Raaff, Head of Recruitment & Internal Communication