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An Oak Story

Like all the best Silicon Valley success stories, Oak Intranet (formerly Orchid Software) started from humble beginnings, with a simple idea, in a small garage in a quiet residential street. In the middle of Newcastle.

Ok, we know that’s not quite Silicon Valley, but you get the picture.

Our company started in 1993 with a DOS-based (ask your parents) document management system. Two years later, we became the first out-of-the-box intranet provider in the UK with Orchidnet. We evolved our intranet solution over the next fifteen years and powered some of the world’s leading organisations’ intranets across over fifty industry sectors. Working with our incredible customers, we listened a lot and that formed the core principles of Oak’s intranet software development and philosophy.

Oak Intranet - Oak's First Office
Oak Intranet - employees hard at work at their desks

Our Philosophy is Simple

And, always has been. We aim to solve complex business problems with an intranet that is powerful, yet simple enough for anyone to use. This is our guiding philosophy, which we call ‘Power Through Simplicity’.

You’re Our Priority

Oakay, our marketing needs work, we make bad puns, and are a tiny bit nutty. If slick marketing is your number one priority, you may find us dull. But what we value most is your fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

Which is why we decided to focus on developing an intranet with the employee experience in mind. Oak is crafted in-house with the underlying objective of making the technology invisible so you can make work the center of your attention.

Oak employees working
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