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The central hub of your digital workplace

Oak’s secure and flexible platform integrates with your favourite third party applications and systems, giving your employees a one-stop shop for everything they need.

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Seamless integrations

Oak Engage integrates with all major office productivity systems including Sharepoint, Microsoft 365, Google Drive and Workday, among others.

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One simple search

Empower your people with one place to find everything they need. Oak searches across your integrated systems, bringing everything under one simple search.

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Bespoke and customisable

Write and build your own applications with Oak Engage’s Developer Centre. This can be used for integrations with other third party systems that offer APIs.

Microsoft 365 integrations
Microsoft 365 integrations

Make the most of Microsoft 365

Unite your digital workplace and support a more efficient and engaged workforce. Oak’s excellent integrations with Microsoft 365 means you can make use of every tool, including Outlook, Calendar, Teams, Delve, Stream, Viva Engage and Power BI analytics, without the need to switch platforms.

Create custom applications

Oak Engage’s developer centre is a comprehensive, integrated development environment, eliminating the need for additional software. Design and build modern and rich applications, tailored to your unique needs and that streamline your workflow. Empower your development team to innovate and drive business success.

Oak's developer centre
Oak's developer centre
HR integrations
HR integrations

Integrate your HR systems

Integrate HR systems that you use on a daily basis to streamline your HR processes. Oak Engage integrates with payroll software and HR & absence management software including Workday, UKG, BambooHR, Reward Gateway, Zellis MyView and MyPay.

Employee self-service portal

Make it even easier for your employees to access key information such as payslips and benefits information with Single Sign-On (SSO). Oak is the gateway to all other systems meaning your people can move between them with ease.

Integrations and my tools
Integrations and my tools
Secure and streamlined authentication with a SSO solution
Secure and streamlined authentication with a SSO solution

Secure and streamlined authentication

Oak enables seamless authentication to multiple tools with a centralised Single Sign-On (SSO) solution , SCIM and SAML. Plus with the ability to access Okta through SSO we enable you to integrate with over 7,000 systems.

“By integrating with our key systems, Oak has empowered our people with one central hub. This has also allowed us to streamline access to multiple tools so our people have everything they need in one secure place.”

Is SharePoint right for your business?

We’ve created a guide to highlight the disadvantages of SharePoint that are keeping you and your workforce from reaching their full potential. Plus, the benefits of Oak over SharePoint and supporting the business case for transitioning to Oak.

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