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Oak Intranet Opens New Location in North East

We're expanding! Thanks to the support of economic development organisation Business Durham with a £700k investment, we've acquired the first [...]

Your 6-Step Guide to Sorting out Your Intranet Content

Previously, you read about why card sorting is important for intranet communication. Now find out how to do card sorting [...]

Why Card Sorting is Important for Intranet Communication

What is Taxonomy and IA? Intranet information architecture (IA) and taxonomy use terms that matches employee’s expectations when searching for [...]

5 Quick Ways to Improve Collaboration with Your Team

Collaboration is about working together towards the same goal. Whether it’s for an internal brand launch or starting up a [...]

The Importance of Communication in the Workplace

Communication in a workplace is increasingly vital to a company’s success, impacting employee engagement which in turns affects customer loyalty [...]

How Your Intranet Can Make Employees Ridiculously Happy

Everyone wants to be happier, especially when it comes to working. And, according to the CIPD UK Working Lives Summer [...]

6 Ways Your Intranet Can Help with Your Employee’s Wellbeing

When we are surrounded by so many social platforms that show the world as sometimes perfect as well as destructive, [...]

Oak Intranet is Coming to America!

Oak Intranet is going to Intra.Net Reloaded Boston! Find out more about our first US event.

Oak Intranet Shortlisted for 2019 North East Business Awards

It’s an exciting evening planned as we’re heading to the North East Business Awards tonight for the coveted winner’s spot of the [...]

Hey! We invented the intranet! (and other outlandish stories)

This blog piece asks, and answers, two burning questions in the history of the intranet: 1. Did Oak really invent [...]

3 Top Tips to Successfully Captain Your Intranet Content

Bloviating Tomfoolery. While fun to say, it shouldn’t be anywhere near your intranet content or even in blogs designed to help [...]

How to Create a Fantastic Work Culture to Keep Your Best People

When a good employee leaves a business, and you find yourself humming “another one bites the dust” by Queen, as [...]

Dungeons & Dragons & Intranets, Oh my!

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a paper-based tabletop roleplaying game that has been popular worldwide since its first publication in [...]

The Next Big Thing in Intranet Search? Machine Learning – Part Two

Welcome to Part Two about the future of machine learning. Find Part One here. In Part 1, we talked about [...]

The Next Big Thing in Intranet Search? Machine Learning – Part One

Intranet search is often designed to do very specific things, but search queries tend to go beyond what the search [...]

Top 5 Intranet Trends of 2019 That Will See Positive Changes in the Workplace

In 2018, we saw exciting new trends. From voice recognition to the growing awareness of employee wellbeing. Here’s what you and your teams can look forward [...]

Intranet McIntranetyFace? What to name your intranet

It’s difficult picking a name for a new member of the family. Does Missus Featherbottom suit your new baby girl? How about Bubba Bob for your [...]

Attention, please! The top 3 intranet software features to help you cut through the noise

Quick read: Is your intranet falling foul of the festive noise? It’s cold outside, there's tinsel in the shops and [...]

Onboarding: Using your Intranet to welcome new starters

Are you tackling your onboarding issues through the power of your intranet? At seven years old I remember getting ready [...]

Have a large-scale launch? Here are 4 industry tips on how to get started

You’re a large-scale enterprise with hundreds of thousands of employees who need a better, modern intranet, and you’re understandably overwhelmed. [...]

How your intranet can help prepare you for the zombie apocalypse

What is with all the disaster and crisis posts popping up on intranet blogs lately? Tornado, volcano, sharknado.  Sure, an intranet [...]

Battle of the Bosses: How to be that kickass boss people love

This is Part Four of our How To Get Happier Employees series. Find Part One, Two and Three here. Previously, [...]

How to inspire the best trust culture? Reward people.

This is Part Three of our How To Get Happier Employees four-part series where you'll find out how to create a [...]

How gamification & content captains boosts employee engagement

This is Part Two of our How To Get Happier Employees four-part series where you'll find out how to create a [...]

How to Measure Your Intranet ROI

This is Part One of our How To Get Happier Employees four-part series where you'll find out how to create a [...]

5 Tips to Designing an Engaging Intranet for Awesome Results

Is your intranet drier than a microwaved chicken in a Saltine-crust?   So monotonous, your insomnia was instantly cured at work [...]

Intranet Now London 2018

We are extremely excited to announce that Oak Intranet is a Platinum Sponsor at the Intranet Now Conference in London on the 5th October 2018.

20 years and £2.7 million later…

North East-based software specialist, Oak Intranet has landed a £2.7m investment from investors to kick-start its global expansion plans.

5 ways an intranet will provide ROI

Finding it hard to justify the expense of an intranet? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are five ways intranet [...]

Here’s 5 tips to make your intranet go boom

Are you bored with your intranet? If the answer is yes, then the good news is you’re not alone. In [...]

Cool story, bro. Or, how to get people to care about internal comms

Are you frustrated with constantly trying to get people to read your internal comms? I hear you! Newsletters, new policies, [...]

Internal Communications Conference 2017

Oak Intranet recently attended the Internal Communication conference at the Mayfair Hotel in London. This conference is an annual event [...]

Top 10 tips for your intranet

How are you getting on with your intranet? If you feel things could be better, here's ten of my top [...]

Why do we love images so much?

One of the most critical objectives for any intranet is to improve communication and interaction throughout the business. What really [...]

Halfords Autocentre – Intranet Video Case Study

Hear about the experience of Ben Cook from Halfords Autocentre overcoming operational challenges and working with Oak in our latest case study testimonial [...]

How to get your communications unstuck at management level

Emma Alcock of The Nutmeg Agency offers her expert advice here about communication in upper management.  I think that in [...]

Is low employee engagement costing your business money?

Over the years, one of the challenges facing internal communication and engagement professionals is how to prove your worth. We [...]

Top 6 Reasons Why Intranets Die

1. Ownership is not clear It’s a bit of IT and a bit of HR, or marketing, or Internal Comms [...]

For successful intranets, content is king

But only if it's easy to create & manage When visiting with two of our customers, United Trust Bank and [...]

How does Oak compare to Microsoft SharePoint?

This is a question we are asked frequently. Of course, both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, but in this [...]

How social is your organisation?

We have seen a rapid increase in the adoption of social media for personal use over the past 10 years, [...]

5 Magic Ingredients For The Perfect Intranet

The biggest challenge that organisations have with an Intranet is to gain constant engagement from employees. Or as I’ve heard [...]

How Serverless Intranets will transform the Digital Workplace for Employees

Poor communication is often at the top of the gripes whenever an organisation seeks feedback from employees. Providing a digital [...]

Intranets – Their Journey to the Cloud

With nearly 25 years building some of the best intranet systems for significant brands across many sectors we have seen [...]

Introducing Oak Intranet

The team at Orchid Software has really excelled over recent months as we continue to drive the delivery of our innovative [...]

How can you reduce the costs of your workforce?

And no, the answer isn’t sacking all your staff! The key to reducing costs and increasing productivity in the workplace [...]

Real World Trends in Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

What's really happening in the world of intranets? Orchid Software’s new Marketing people have been chatting with customers to find [...]

Orchid Software secures major investment

£750k investment from FW Capital and the appointment of two new Directors underpins significant growth plans Gateshead-based Orchid Software has [...]

Cake, ping-pong & raising cash for Comic Relief!

On Friday (Red Nose Day), Orchid Software staff got their baking hats on and ping-pong bats at the ready to raise [...]