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Why Your Business Needs an Employee Directory

19 May 2022

Have a sizeable office, multiple locations or remote workers? Chances are there are difficulties for employees in connecting with people internally. An employee directory helps take the leg work and stress out of workplace communication. Find out how in this Oak Engage blog.

How Your HR Department Can Support Employee Mental Health

09 May 2022

Nothing is more important to HR than the wellbeing of employees. Employees need proper mental health support in their organisations to address issues like anxiety and depression. This Oak Engage blog is a guide for HR on how they can provide mental health support through practical steps.

How to Manage Poor Communication in the Workplace

04 May 2022

Poor communication is one of the main cause of workplace failures. In this blog, we’ll be showing you exactly what can cause poor workplace communication and a bunch of ways to improve poor communication in your workplace.

Employee Productivity Statistics You Need To Know in 2022

27 April 2022

Are there certain things that make employees more productive? In this blog we dive into some interesting statistics that reveal some of the best methods and ways to be more productive at work and discuss our relationships with productivity in today's workplace.