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Employee Empowerment in the Workplace

30 October 2020

Disregarded by many businesses, employee empowerment has proved to improve accountability, customer service, job satisfaction and can make a business more agile in times of change. Not sure how to promote employee empowerment within your organisation? Don't worry we've got you covered.

Maximising Customer Service Motivation

06 October 2020

A customer service team is paramount to every business, without one your business would fall apart. In honour of National Customer Service Week we wanted to give some tips of how to maximise customer service motivation.

Remote Employees: 10 Ways to Connect & Engage

23 September 2020

Keeping remote employees connected isn't easy, especially if they're working from home. Read 10 effective ways to engage and connect with your remote employees in our latest guest blog.

How to Communicate Change With Your Employees

21 September 2020

Change in the workplace can be unsettling for many. With so much uncertainty surrounding the workplace in today's climate it's important to ensure you communicate change to your people in the correct way.

Five Guys: Connecting Their Workforce With Oak

15 September 2020

Recognised as one of fastest growing burger restaurants in the world, Five Guys needed an up to date solution to keep their workforce connected. Discover how they created 'Chatty Patty' with the help of Oak to achieve a 99% engagement rate.

Wellbeing at Work: Your Guide

09 September 2020

Wellbeing at work should be a top priority for any business. Break the stigma and learn how to create a positive workplace for your employees.

What Is Employee Engagement Software?

20 August 2020

Employee engagement software is fast replacing business intranets as a staple throughout many modern workplaces. Find out how they stack up against the competition.