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The IoIC Profession Map:
How to Achieve IC Success

Oak Engage shares six steps to internal comms success using the updated professional map by IoIC for the rapid changes in organisational environments.

Use the framework to build your very own personal development plan and demonstrate your learnings back to your business.

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Will ChatGPT Change Internal Comms?

22 February 2023

ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, with some arguing it will replace humans and others saying it will help. Oak Engage explores how it will impact internal comms.

Understanding Your Organisations Attrition Rate

10 February 2023

We all know the importance of employee retention. Knowing the different attrition types and how to calculate your attrition rate will help you make decisions that improve retention.

The Great Resignation

30 January 2023

The Great Resignation has become more than a trend and losing employees can be detrimental to the workforce. Check out Oak Engages 7 top tips to retain employees in 2023.

Mental Health in the Workplace: 4 Common Issues

23 January 2023

Oak Engage's Mental Health in the Workplace Report found that 58% of us have experience mental health issues because of work in the last 2 years. Find out the common issues behind this statistic in this blog.

Guest Blog: Loneliness in a Hybrid Workforce

13 January 2023

Award-winning internal comms agency, Enthuse Communications give us their top tips to create a sense of community in the workplace and combat loneliness this Blue Monday.