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The IoIC Profession Map:
How to Achieve IC Success

Oak Engage shares six steps to internal comms success using the updated professional map by IoIC for the rapid changes in organisational environments.

Use the framework to build your very own personal development plan and demonstrate your learnings back to your business.

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Unlocking The Power of Intranets For Retail

15 September 2023

Explore how intranets for retail are revolutionising the industry, enhancing employee engagement, streamlining communication, and boosting productivity. Discover real-world examples and best practices in our latest blog.

Managing Annual Leave

05 September 2023

Managing annual leave is a critical part of ensuring employee wellbeing within any business. Read our comprehensive guide on how leaders should approach annual leave, applying the latest strategies and techniques for happier employees.

Corporate Communications: Everything You Thought You Knew

02 August 2023

Think you know corporate communications? It's a fast paced world, make sure you don't fall behind. Get the latest insights on how you can engage your employees, streamline operations and improve corporate communications for your business in 2023.

Guest blog: The rising cost of living: Why employers should help with groceries

19 July 2023

Tendr is an employee benefits platform that offers a grocery salary sacrifice scheme. In their guest blog, they shed a light on the soaring cost of living and the impact it has on employees' financial well-being. Discover why employers should consider offering assistance with groceries and how it can make a significant difference in their employees' lives.

How AI and Automation is changing the future of internal comms

17 July 2023

AI is revolutionising the way we engage and connect within organisations. Discover how Oak Engage is at the forefront of this exciting transformation and how their AI-driven platform empowers organisations to create meaningful connections with employees.

AI in the Workplace

05 July 2023

AI in the workplace is rapidly changing the way in which we work, helping employees be more productive and engaged than ever before. We discuss the implications of artificial intelligence and how businesses around the world are using it.