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Mental Health in the Workplace: 4 Common Issues

20 May 2021

Mental health is not often talked about by employers, attaching a huge stigma to the subject. Here are some common mental health issues that can occur in the workplace and how to deal with them in the right way.

Anxiety About Going Back to Work Post Covid-19

18 May 2021

Are you experiencing anxiety about going back to work after lockdown? Our latest blog gives you tips on how to manage feelings of anxiety and how to set yourself up for success on the return.

Keeping Your Employee Intranet Relevant & Engaging

27 April 2021

With the right content and information, your employee intranet has the power to be the beating heart of your organisation. If your intranet is lacking in engagement, it could be in need of a content overhaul. Read our blog for a guide on how to keep your intranet relevant and engaging.

Why Your Company Needs a Document Management Platform

19 April 2021

The concept of a paperless office is becoming an every day reality, so document management platforms are becoming increasingly important now more than ever. Read our blog to discover how to manage your documents effectively.

Make Your Remote Performance Appraisal a Success

13 April 2021

It's no secret that performance appraisals come with feelings of stress and anxiety, but the added pressure of having one remotely can feel extremely challenging for an employee. Take a look at our blog for the 5 tips you need when preparing for your remote performance appraisal.