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What is An Employee Engagement App? [A Simple Guide]

10 December 2021

Employee engagement apps are giving businesses the opportunity to connect and engage with those who have previously been hard to reach. But what features, advantages and approaches are the ones you need to consider when implementing one? Use our guide to find out.

Employee Wellbeing: A Beginners Guide

09 December 2021

Discover why employee wellbeing is so important and what you can do to boost a positive working culture to make your workforce happier.

Common Internal Comms Challenges [How to Beat Them]

02 December 2021

Effective communication is essential to a company’s success. But sometimes it can be hard to recognise poor communication in the workplace before the damage is done. This blog covers how to beat internal communication challenges in any industry.

Digital Workplace Strategy: A Simple Guide [+ Examples]

01 December 2021

A digital workplace implementation without a strategy can be chaotic and waste significant investment. Don't know where to start with your digital workplace strategy? Our simple guide with practical examples can provide the blueprint.

“The Future of Work” as discussed on Comms In A Nutshell

29 November 2021

What does the future of work look like? Find out as the business and marketing teams within Oak try out the four day week and five hour days, as well as an insightful interview with Cara De Lange on how the four day week works for her company Softer Success, as well as some top tips on managing burnout.

The Great Resignation

26 November 2021

The Great Resignation is an ongoing trend in today's working world. Employers need to re-think their retention strategies to reduce turnover. Read our blog to find out how to retain your workforce for 2021 & beyond.