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Mental health in the workplace: 4 common issues

23 January 2023

Oak Engage's Mental Health in the Workplace Report found that 58% of us have experience mental health issues because of work in the last 2 years. Find out the common issues behind this statistic in this blog.

Guest blog: Loneliness in a hybrid workforce

13 January 2023

Award-winning internal comms agency, Enthuse Communications give us their top tips to create a sense of community in the workplace and combat loneliness this Blue Monday.

5 internal comms predictions for 2023

12 January 2023

In our latest blog, our CEO, Will Murray details his predictions and trends for the year ahead which will hopefully inform your internal communication strategy for 2023.

What is quiet quitting and is it a real trend?

09 January 2023

Quiet quitting is a relatively new term, but the impact of it may have a long lasting impact on workplaces. Find out all you need to know about quiet quitting and how to tackle it, in our latest blog.

An intranet for the education sector - What it needs and why

09 September 2022

Different schedules, timetables and daily tasks mean that connection and engagement with news and information can sometimes fall by the wayside without proper tools in place. An all in one intranet is a must have educational institutions, learn why in our latest blog.

Keeping your mental health in check in the workplace

05 September 2022

With our charity partner If U Care Share, we look at how you can keep mental health in check in remote and office work. Learn how to avoid things like burnout, isolation and poor self image in this blog..