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Your HR Employee Onboarding Guide (Free Checklist)

22 February 2022

Employee onboarding can be challenging for any industry and it can be easy to forget a few important steps in the process. This guide will cover the 4 phases of employee onboarding and provide you with an essential checklist for HR.

Internal Storytelling: A Guide for Internal Comms

21 February 2022

From childhood we have always loved and resonated with stories and characters we can identify with. Storytelling is the secret to engaging and effective internal comms. Read this guide and find out how to implement storytelling into yours.

Internal Communication Audit (Step by Step Guide & Template)

21 February 2022

When was the last time you audited your company’s internal communication? This blog will take you through a step by step guide on how to perform an internal communication audit and provide you with a downloadable template to create your own.

How to Implement New Technology in the Workplace

17 February 2022

Getting your workforce on board with learning and using a new technology might be more of a challenge than you originally anticipated. In this blog we'll explore how to successfully implement it in the workplace.

Absenteeism in The Workplace: Causes & How To Fix It

16 February 2022

Continuously unplanned absences can have a big effect on your business. In most cases, your employees just need the right support. We'll show you what causes absenteeism and how you can create a supportive and open environment to reduce absenteeism.

How to Improve Employee Engagement in Retail

10 February 2022

We've all had our fair share of good and bad customer experiences. A massive part of this is down to how engaged that employee you dealt with is. How do you connect with a diverse and mostly deskless workforce like in retail? Find out in our blog

Internal Communications Metrics [For ICs & Managers]

08 February 2022

Measuring your Internal Communications efforts and channels is one of the biggest challenges IC professionals face. We'll show you how to track your internal communications properly and use data to power your communications.

Is Sharepoint Right for Your Business? Here’s an Alternative Solution

04 February 2022

Is your company in the middle of deciding what intranet is right for your business? In this blog we’ll delve into the Microsoft SharePoint disadvantages that may keep you and your workforce from reaching their full potential and provide you with an alternative solution.

How Employee Engagement Boosts Productivity Levels

02 February 2022

To achieve higher productivity you must start with improving employee engagement. Read our blog to discover why engaged employees are more productive and how to keep your workforce engaged.