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Social and community

Create social connections and build community bonds

Stay social with content sharing and staff recognition. Plus, bring like-minded people together through virtual community groups where they can collaborate and connect about work or hobbies.

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Prioritise employee

Bring colleagues
together with hubs

Encourage employee-created content

A key element of our digital lives is social media. The ability to share our own content is what keeps us going and connects us, so why should it be any different at work? A social intranet becomes a platform for employees to celebrate their wins, share photos from a great day with their team, and stay connected with colleagues across the business. Oak Engage’s social feed enables employees to post updates, react to content and personalise their feed by setting up topics and content of interest. Add excitement to your feed with different reactions and create a positive and engaging culture.

Show appreciation for your colleagues

Celebrate employee milestones, give shoutouts to people who have gone the extra mile or send thanks when someone has offered support when you’ve needed it most. These small tokens of thanks can go a long way in showing recognition, and can be made visible company-wide. The more often people see others showing appreciation, the more others will feel encouraged to do the same, boosting morale and reinforcing that individuals are truly valued for their contributions.

Build and nurture communities

Create a space for employees to collaborate and connect using virtual hubs. You can bring together colleagues with similar interests or for cross-departmental comms using hubs, where they can strengthen bonds, offer tips or expertise and share ideas. Employees will only receive notifications from hubs that they are members of, which helps to reduce noise and keep social feeds relevant and personalised.

“The social features incorporated into the platform have fostered a more inclusive and interactive workplace. Colleagues can now share updates, celebrate milestones and interact with each other’s posts. This feature has not only improved communication but also helped in building a more connected and engaged community within ScS. With Our ScS home, recognising and celebrating colleagues’ achievements has become more visible and widespread. The ability to acknowledge colleagues’ contributions publicly has boosted morale and encouraged a culture of appreciation and recognition.”

Transform how you work and communicate

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