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Stunning new intranet software | Revolutionary design for total user engagement | Enterprise grade, yet affordable for any size organisation | No consultancy, development or design services required | Simple to learn, easy to use. Go live in a matter of days!

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Cloud-based, powerful,
secure and trusted

Over 100,000 people use and love our intranet software every day. Read on to find out why!

An intranet unlike anything you've seen before

Since 1994, we've been developing intranets for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Using every ounce of that experience, we've created Oak; the true next-generation intranet. In fact, we believe it's the most powerful, engaging and beautiful intranet ever created.

Don't take our word for it though

The thousands of users already subscribing to Oak say it better than we ever could…

“To have a fantastic looking and fully functioning intranet within a couple of hours is pure testament to not only the quality of this software, but also to the immensely clever thought and ultra-sleek design that has been put in to this.”

Chris MacAndrew

Head of Digital Content Delivery
Miller Homes

“With Oak, not only did we have everything we needed with regards to functionality, but it also made the process of going live easier than I could have ever imagined.”

Zoe Holland

Learning & Development Manager
Moss Bros

"Anyone could use Oak within minutes of logging in. You guys have absolutely nailed this!! I was going to add a swear word or two to show my appreciation but it would only get blocked :-)."

Chris MacAndrew

Head of Digital Content Delivery
Miller Homes

“The simple yet graphic design of the site was the reason that we chose Oak over many other suppliers. The intuitive design makes managing all the information, keeping it current & interesting, incredibly easy.”

Zoe Holland

Learning & Development Manager
Moss Bros

“Orchid Software have been the most supportive, responsive and helpful company I've ever had the pleasure of working with for a company wide launch.“

Zoe Holland

Learning & Development Manager
Moss Bros

Oak does all the things you'd expect a modern intranet to do

You can use Oak to

  • Share and manage documents

    or any kind of digital media

  • Manage business processes

    with full workflow and e-forms

  • Manage HR processes

    such as absences, appraisals and communications

  • Establish blogs

    to enable rapid idea exchange and contribution

  • Effortlessly share content

    across departments, locations, communities, countries.. anything!

  • Easily understand business structure

    with dynamic org-charts

  • Create calendars

    that instantly synchronise with Google, Office 365 and Exchange

and lots, lots more...

But it's how Oak does it that's really special

Every aspect of Oak has been carefully designed to create an experience that's intuitive yet fun.

Because it's not all about power…Oak is a pleasure to use, with great looking home pages that can be created in seconds, documents that can be shared by simply dragging and dropping them into Oak and the most powerful intranet search ever created, enabling you to make better informed, faster decisions.

Clean design... zero clutter ...maximum engagement

We've agonised over usability, (so you don't have to), and made Oak easy and obvious. In fact, we've even done away with the archaic menu system of old style intranets and made it possible to Create, Share and Do anything in Oak from just a single button.

Why Oak is right for you

Users love it

What elevates an intranet beyond mere software to become the 'virtual heart and mind' of an organisation? Users. If users love it, they'll use it. If they use it, it'll quickly become the most powerful and indispensable knowledge resource imaginable. Oak is fun, engaging and addictive. Your users will love it.

Oak intranet in action

It helps every organisation flourish

We've learned that every organisation faces the same challenges in managing people, processes and content. Oak will revolutionise how you:

  • Manage, share and access knowledge, from any device, anywhere on the planet

  • Effortlessly connect and enable collaboration between departments, teams, offices, customers, suppliers, partners… anyone

  • Improve operational effectiveness through improved communication

  • Boost people productivity through collaborative working practices

  • Reduce costs by streamlining common internal business processes

Oak intranet in action

It offers Enterprise power, for everyone

Oak is an enterprise-grade intranet software solution that's truly affordable for any size of organisation. It requires no development, technical know-how or consultancy to set up or manage. Just one annual subscription, based on your number of users, with no hidden charges.

Oak intranet in action

And it's just the beginning

We're on a journey to make Oak the most feature rich intranet around, by regularly introducing more and more exciting functionality.

Even better, you'll automatically get any new standard applications, without any increase in your subscription fees.

We'd love the opportunity to share our vision of the future with you!

See Oak in action