Simple pricing, no surprises

We hate complicated. We’ve made Oak simple, clean and hassle-free, and we’ve done exactly the same with our pricing.

We specialise in working with business of typically 200+ users

Growing Businesses

£5 per user per month, paid annually

Min. 50 users

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150 to 1000 users

Zero-fuss pricing for
organisations of 150+ users.

Paid annually.

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1000+ users.

Discounted based on
your total user numbers.

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What’s included? Everything.

No nasty surprises. No hidden fees or additional costs. Just everything as standard.
Whether you’re a team of 50 or 100,000, with Oak, you get it all.
  • UK based Client Services team
  • Unlimited email and telephone support
  • Hundreds of apps, all fully integrated
  • Access to Oak Assistance
  • Regular educational webinars
  • Help, guidance, advice, and more!

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Charities and non-profit discounts?
Absolutely! We can offer generous discounts to charity and non-profit organisations. Get in touch and let’s talk!

Will you shaft me later (aka: Are there any hidden fees?)
Nope. We hate complexity, and that applies to our pricing too. Nothing more to pay, no hidden fees, no uplifts. You’ll even get all future standard functionality as part of your existing subscription, just like that!

What other hardware or software do I need?
You don’t! As Oak is cloud-based, all you need is an internet connected device (computer, phone, tablet) and modern browser and you’re all set.

Can you help us understand our intranet requirements?
Yes! As part of our interactions with you, we’ll work together to make sure all your needs are met, including Project Scope and Success Planning. You can count on us providing expert support at every stage of your project.

Do I need expensive consultancy to set Oak up?
Not at all. We’ve dumped the baggage of old-style client-server intranets and designed Oak to be extremely simple to set up with no development or technical knowledge necessary. However, we can provide support for any aspect of your project that you need, including some great consultancy offerings as well as lots of free advice and guidance. Find out more.

Did you really invent the intranet?
An excellent question.  Find out here.