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Maximise your reach and engagement with newsletter

Oak's newsletter maximises reach and visibility of your latest news, providing a user-friendly way to create, distribute content and engage employees.

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Tailored to each employee

Automatically generated

Increases effectiveness
and visibility

Streamline your newsletter

Oak’s newsletter provides a simple way for internal communication professionals to effortlessly send engaging content. An automatically generated roundup of news saves you time, and means creating a professional-looking newsletter has never been easier.

Increase engagement with personalised content

With Oak’s personalised content feature, you can tailor newsletters to specific audience groups. Increase engagement by delivering content that’s relevant and meaningful to each individual employee.

Track your newsletter performance

Oak’s analytics provide detailed insights into your newsletter’s performance, including open and click-through rates. This enables you to refine your communications strategy based on what resonates best with your audience.

“Oak has delivered a tool that’s addressed our communication challenges head on. Not only will it transform how we communicate and connect with our people, but it will allow our teams to access the information they need so much quicker and easier than ever before. It will also streamline so many of our internal processes for our managers, saving them all time that they can be spending with their teams instead, rather than on admin. There are so many other benefits that will change the way we work as a business such as email workflows and translation into over 127 languages.”

Transform how you work and communicate

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