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Empower your employees with a modern intranet

Oak Engage is the single source of truth for your people. It improves productivity, eliminates hassle and enables employees to do their jobs more easily.

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A simple, fast and flexible intranet for your people

ISO 27001 and Cyber essentials plus accreditations logos
ISO 27001 and Cyber essentials plus accreditations logos

A scalable and secure platform

  • ISO 27001 and Cyber essentials plus accreditations
  • Flexible and agile implementation
  • Robust security framework

Quick and easy access to tools and resources

  • Everything your employees need in one place
  • Integrates with your favourite apps and systems
  • Personalised tools to improve productivity
Oak's latest news, integrations and notifications
Latest news, integrations and notifications
Employee getting onboarded at a new job with the help of Oak's onboarding page
Onboarding journey

Save time and streamline internal processes

  • Intuitive content management system
  • Create onboarding journeys for your people
  • Improve operational efficiency
“Oak has delivered a tool that’s addressed our communication challenges head on. Not only will it transform how we communicate and connect with our people, but it will allow our teams to access the information they need so much quicker and easier than ever before. It will also streamline so many of our internal processes for our managers, saving them all time that they can be spending with their teams instead, rather than on admin. There are so many other benefits that will change the way we work as a business such as email workflows and translation into over 127 languages.”

Features that will transform how you work and communicate

Content managment icon
Content management

Host everything in one place enabling easy navigation and resources from anywhere, any time.

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Help desk icon
Help desk

Help your IT, HR and support staff to efficiently track and resolve any issues with a ticketing system.

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People management icon
People management

Enable staff to easily access any colleague’s bio for information, from job title to office or location.

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Search icon
Search and tools

Empower your people with one place to easily access everything they need, personalised to them.

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AI intranet icon
AI Intranet

Level up your internal comms with content creation and personalised feeds using Aria, our AI assistant.

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Integrations icon

A secure and centralised hub that can bring together multiple tools with third party app integration.

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Branding icon
Homepages and branding

Easily create engaging homepages and ensure your brand identity is reflected throughout your intranet.

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Onboarding icon

Train, educate, integrate and inspire new hires with user-friendly onboarding in one space.

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Transform how you work and communicate

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