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HR help desk

Take control of employee requests in one central space

No internal help desk? No problem! Build it all into your Oak intranet to streamline the user experience and simplify ticket management.

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Centralised ticket management

Streamline processes and save time

Efficient HR operations

Easily manage employee requests

Whatever your requirement for a help desk, from IT to HR, house it within your intranet to streamline the process. This will establish a single source of truth for your employees to ask questions. Oak’s help desk serves as a centralised hub for all requests, making it easier to manage and respond to enquiries promptly. Plus, you can set categories and specific roles to restrict who can raise tickets, investigate or troubleshoot them, giving you full control.

Improve reporting efficiency

For internal quality control or regulatory compliance, teams can run reports on any tickets raised over a specified period of time and their status. Save time pulling information from one programme to another and create your reports in the system the data is managed in, while only granting system access to those who are qualified to manage such information. Where compliance is a consideration, you can count on our team to factor in any additional checks required.

Centralised and secure support

Keep all queries regarding your help desk in one area on your intranet. You can offer FAQs and helpful information in this area to allow users to check for answers before raising new tickets with the team. This can help to free up time for service managers while also often helping employees to fix a simple issue or find policies themselves.

“Sevita selected Oak Engage as a clear winner. They were the only vendor that checked all the boxes of what Sevita needed. When Oak Engage stepped in during COVID to create a product to meet the high demands of the healthcare industry, the Sevita team knew Oak was the right team to help solve their other internal communication issues. It’s a triple threat. Oak delivered a COVID reporting platform, a HR help desk and an intranet that brought together essential tools and services now available to Sevita employees.”

Transform how you work and communicate

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