Digital Workplace Integrations

Multi domain AD Support

Oak offers synchronization across multiple Active Directory domains, trees and forests. We not only synchronise users but also other user fields including photos and user fields. Oak also synchronises user groups, making your continued administration of Oak a breeze.

SAML Authentication

Oak offers federated Single Sign On (SSO) using the OASIS SAML Standard. Oak can be configured as a Service Provider, utilising any other SAML Identity Service (for instance, ADFS or Okta), or as an Identity Provider, giving your organisation full flexibility for managing user SSO. Connections with mutiple Service Providers and/or Identity Providers at the same time is possible, and simple to achieve.

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RSS and Reporting

RSS Feeds

Oak allows you to display selected, relevant and updated external news feeds into any area homepage. It dynamically changes the newsfeed in real time whenever a latest news entry is received.

Oak Reporting Dashboard

Oak provides real-time dashboards that allow you to report on any of your key performance indicators. Connect Oak to any Database, spreadsheet or ODBC compliant system and in real time view stunning dynamic graphs that translate raw data into easy to understand information.

Synchronisation with your HR System

Oak can automatically synchronise Oak users with your chosen HR System importing any key fields including Photo (if available) and immediate manager. The solution can be setup to automatically perform the import up to 3 times a day, reporting on any successes or issues immediately for inspection.

Document Auto Publishing

You can set up Oak to monitor one or many folders on your local network and if any files are then written to these locations they can be automatically published to specific areas on your Intranet. Lots of our customers use this feature for Branch Sales Reports, or Senior Manager KPI information.

Document auto publishing

Oak App Store (coming 2019)

Oak will be releasing a module for folks to create their own Oak apps using all the tried and tested Oak framework for user management, security, searching, reporting and a whole host of other super functionality. These apps will be available for other Oak users to purchase, download and use.

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