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People management

Connect employees and personalise profiles

Your complete guide to who’s who for employees to find the right colleagues to connect and communicate with.

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Give all staff a profile they can personalise

Create opportunities for colleagues to connect

Find teams and managers easily with the org chart

People directory

Break down traditional communication barriers and connect employees within your digital workplace. Easily locate colleagues using the search function and visit their profile to find their role, contact details and manager in an instant. You can also see their latest posts and updates, or post something on their page, such as thanks for a job well done or congratulations on a work anniversary.

Personalised employee bios

Each employee is able to personalise their profile, from uploading a profile photo to telling colleagues a little extra about themselves and their hobbies. This can help to forge connections and introduce colleagues to each other, no matter where they are based. Awards can also be displayed on profiles, which are always a lovely badge of honour. Your people can follow each other to stay connected with profile updates, whether they are work or hobby related!

Org chart

A dynamic organisational chart visualises the tree of management hierarchy throughout your business, mirroring your company structure and promoting transparency. This feature makes it quick and easy for others to identify the correct person to reach within a team for an internal query. Your org chart will be automatically updated when you add new employees and assign their manager, saving you the admin of manually editing it.

“The Hive has become a central communication point for the business since it was launched! The organisational chart on ‘The Hive’ is another reason why it is always an open tab on my laptop. If you need to speak to another team member but you are not 100% of their full name or even who their line manager is, welcome the org chart. Everyone in the business with full contact details shown to you at the click of a button, again I have not had to disturb anyone to find this information out.”

Transform how you work and communicate

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