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Make new employees feel welcome and reduce first-day nerves

Promote a strong first impression to new starters with a welcoming and robust onboarding process.

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Create a sense of belonging for new employees

Personalised experience for employees

Ensure a smooth transition into the company

Equip new hires with all they need to get started

Whatever the role of your new starter, there will undoubtedly be a range of company-wide information that must be shared, from policies and processes to introducing who’s who throughout the business. Allocating time at the start for employees to familiarise themselves with company information will provide much needed guidance and facilitate a smoother integration into the team.

Show off your company culture

With a well-planned onboarding process, you can go beyond the mandatory induction checklist and lift the curtain to ‘behind the scenes’ for your new employees. From company values and success stories, to introducing charitable partnerships and sharing invites to social clubs, you can give a broad overview of your culture in just a short space of time.

Tailored, role-specific onboarding

While company-wide information will need to be shared with all new employees, consider role-specific onboarding tasks such as department processes or introducing people from their specific department or office. Tailor your onboarding to match the needs of each employee to give them a personalised and unique experience. This ensures relevance and gives your people a sense of belonging within their immediate work community.

"Oak has allowed us to create a completely new onboarding journey for our people. Homepages for prestarts, days 1-30 and days 31-60 guide an employee through their onboarding and show them information relevant to them in their role. Acquired employees (employees joining us through a merger or acquisition) will see their own specific homepages to help transition them into the company and provide much needed guidance and clarification in often tight timeframes."

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