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Search and tools

Empower your people to find what they need with ease

Simplify navigation of your intranet with quick links and intuitive search features.

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One place to easily access everything you need

Drill down your search by content, areas and authors

Personalised tools to enhance productivity for easy access

Find content quickly and easily

Enable your people to easily find exactly what they’re looking for using Oak’s advanced search functionality. From simple queries, to finding users, pages or trending articles, even those who struggle with digital navigation can access the information they need. You can also search across your integrated systems, bringing everything under one simple search, saving time and reducing frustration for employees.

The power of advanced search

Drill down your search with Oak’s advanced capabilities. Filter different areas and content types to hone in on particular items of interest, and even narrow it down to content written by a certain person. This will help to generate relevant results for your people. Keep your intranet secure and apply permissions so that employees can only see content they have been granted access to.

Increase productivity with personalised tools

Empower your people with their own personalised tools display, using direct links to create a gateway to integrated programs that your employees use on a daily basis. They also seamlessly integrate with search, allowing users to easily locate the resources they need. Conveniently, tools are self-organising, automatically rearranging themselves based on frequency of use.

“Our industry is a remote workforce with a high turnover, so to have 84% of our workforce on the platform is a success, especially when the majority are direct caregivers. The search functionality is also exceptional, which makes it a very user-friendly platform without having to be familiar with the structure- something that is important for those who are not usually on a computer or use applications.”

Transform how you work and communicate

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