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How Oak Engage transformed NatWest’s digital employee experience

Major retail and commercial bank, NatWest Group chose to partner with Oak Engage to increase engagement across their 80,000 employees. Their intranet is now award-winning and was recognised as Best Intranet at the Institute of internal Communication Awards 2022.

Industry: Finance | No. of users: 85,000 | Area: Global

Results with Oak Engage

99% monthly engagement

Reduced number of stories on their homepage by 70%

89% newsletter sign up rates

The challenge

Before Oak Engage, NatWest had multiple intranets built on old legacy platforms, which plagued communication. News was published on several channels and platforms, some of which are dependent on where you sit within the organisation and this caused confusion and frustration.

“We selected Oak Engage as the clear winner for our new intranet. Their modern platform with intuitive UX is something we knew they did extremely well, offering a ‘one stop shop’ for everything we needed.” - Digital Manager at NatWest

The solution

Personalised news experience

Oak Engage offers a new and innovative approach to deliver news called Smart Delivery. Using algorithms, it reduces noise for employees and shows content in an order prioritised for the individual, giving everyone a personalised news feed, unique to them and based on their preferences. This allowed NatWest to reduce the number of stories on their homepage and utilise the space more effectively.

“Oak Engage has transformed the way we communicate, delivering a single news feed which aligns with our ‘one bank’ strategy. Consolidating our offering has created a clear channel for communications and a single source of truth. We're already seeing positive engagement from colleagues.” - Alan Harris, Director of Internal Communications at NatWest

Single source of truth

A daily news round up email was introduced to make it easier for NatWest’s people to get the latest news, straight to their inbox. It means comms aren’t getting lost and it cuts out the noise. Using intelligence, every single user is delivered a highly personalised newsletter experience. The content is based upon the explicit preferences of the colleague and also implicit preferences gained from behavioural information.

Oak Engage also offers seamless integration to third-party applications and is able to integrate with Workplace by Meta with a targeted feed, which is fully personalised to the employee so they have everything they need to get their job done, saving them time, effort and improving productivity.

“Oak has also given our colleagues more control. They can now personalise their news experience, adapt based on their interactions, follow topics of interest and opt out of communications that are less relevant - this is adding real value.”

Measuring success

NatWest measures success through Oak’s in-depth leading analytics that proves the right message reaches the right people. It also provides insights on how audiences are reached to collectively measure the success and reach of campaigns. 

“To begin with, we’re monitoring activity monthly in order to make changes based on user feedback. Going forwards we will have scheduled reviews of the intranet to take place quarterly to see how it’s performing so we can tweak issues and analyse activity.”

“Oak will be a critical component of our strategy on how we communicate with our people. We will continue to invest and make changes to the platform to ensure our people are getting the most out of their intranet.”

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