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Five Guys: Connecting Their Workforce With Oak

15 September 2020

Recognised as one of fastest growing burger restaurants in the world, Five Guys needed an up to date solution to keep their workforce connected. Discover how they created 'Chatty Patty' with the help of Oak to achieve a 99% engagement rate.

Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace

09 September 2020

Employee wellbeing in the workplace should be a top priority for any It's no secret that mental health is considered a taboo topic in the workplace. Break the stigma and learn how to create a positive workplace for your employees.

Employee Engagement Software: What is it?

20 August 2020

Employee engagement software is fast replacing business intranets as a staple throughout many modern workplaces. Find out how they stack up against the competition.

Managing Your Time When Working Remotely

07 August 2020

Working from home has meant more meetings and longer days for many workers. Here are 4 ways to manage your time more effectively when working remotely.

Maintaining Great Company Culture

30 July 2020

Good company culture is something that is essential to all businesses. It helps you keep your best people and create a thriving, engaging workplace.

Switch Off When Working from Home

30 July 2020

With the majority of businesses now working from home, it can be difficult for workers to be able to switch their brain off working mode once the day is over. Read this short blog for some top-tips on how to wind down once you've finished working for the day.