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Auto Translations

Break down language barriers and unite your global workforce.

Oak’s translation software gives every employee a voice and ensures your communications and channels are truly accessible, inclusive and accurate.

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Oak Engage's auto translation in action

Translation available on demand

Connect and empower your workforce

Improve accessibility of your communications
image showing an intranet news story translated into Spanish, German and French

Extend the reach of your global content

Oak's translation software offers on-demand translation services that extend the reach of content and promote inclusivity within your organisation. Oak ensures every employee can consume communications in their preferred language. This means messaging is fully understood by everyone and offers greater accessibility. Employees can easily share engaging stories to the entire business in any language, providing a level of communication not previously possible.

Translations personalised to their language preferences

Oak provides translations based on the employee’s first language, as defined in their profile. This means that your people can receive translations that are personalised to their language preferences, resulting in a more effective and efficient communication experience.

Image showing a document translated from Japanese to English
"Localisation is a crucial component that must not be overlooked in the digital workspace. Intranet translation tools serve as the key to unlocking the full potential of your global team, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration."

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