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Curated Content

Curated content helps you get the attention of and engage with your employees by taking away the complexity of sending out messaging. Define the message, set your priority, organise the target audience and set the promotional period in a much more strategic way than was
previously possible.

See what we helped NatWest achieve

99% monthly engagement

Reduced number of stories on their homepage by 70%

89% newsletter sign up rates

Empower Employees

Oak’s Curated Content delivers a combination of chosen, trending and must-see content to their feed, reducing noise and getting the desired action.

Content is surfaced for the individual to create an engaging news experience that empowers employees. They can opt in and out of content to truly feel part of the conversation, without missing critical updates.

Reduce Noise

Oak's Smart Delivery engine works out how, when and what order to deliver content based on Artificial Intelligence, so your employees will only see what’s relevant to them.

This is to ensure your employees receive targeted and relevant information in a way that they like to access it, across channels, reducing noise. The result? Increased engagement levels.

Increase impact of messaging

Using AI, Oak Engage creates a personalised news feed for every single employee, ensuring that the right employees get the right message at the right time.

‘Must see’ content still gets through, but gives a much richer experience for your employees and still gives the organisation control.

Measure comms success

Oak’s leading analytics and reporting allow you to measure the reach, success and impact of your campaigns. Prove the value of your communication and craft meaningful stories from the results.

If you can’t find the report or KPIs you’re looking for, Oak allows you to create a report based on anything you wish through our AI powered “Ask” function which will allow you to generate results by typing your request in natural language.


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