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ScS choose Oak Engage to transform how they connect and inform their colleagues

The collaboration between Oak Engage and ScS aims to revolutionise the way ScS connects with its colleagues. Oak has provided a modern company intranet and employee engagement app that reflects ScS’s brand identity and enables colleagues to easily access a wide range of tools and resources from anywhere, at any time.

Industry: Retail | No. of users: 2,000 | Area: UK

Results with Oak Engage

73% users onboarded since launch

98% quarterly engagement

86% mobile usage across all users

The Challenge

ScS, a leading sofa and flooring specialist, faced significant challenges in connecting its dispersed workforce. With 101 stores across the UK, 9 distribution centres, a digital hub, a support centre and 1,700 colleagues working in various departments - the company struggled with outdated systems that hindered effective communication, collaboration and recognition of colleague achievements. This led to feedback from colleagues who found it difficult to access key information and feel connected to the wider organisation.

“Our partnership with Oak Engage has started us on a journey of transforming our internal communication strategy, tackling long standing challenges, due to our multi-sited, and mobile workforce. It’s modernised the colleague experience. Oak have created a platform that not only aligns with our brand and values but also ensures colleagues can easily access the information they need to excel in their roles, anytime, anywhere through the Our ScS home app."
Lucy Clough, Group People Director at ScS

The Solution 

Our ScS home

It was clear that ScS needed a modern intranet to inform and connect their colleagues. Jo Pitchford, Internal Communications, Engagement and Culture Lead at ScS said: “Oak were able to tailor our experience to our specific needs and that really stood out for us. Their flexible platform aligned perfectly with our culture and communication requirements. The user-friendly branded app makes it so easy for our team to engage, collaborate and stay informed, enhancing overall productivity and employee satisfaction. Choosing Oak Engage was a no brainer and has fostered a more connected and dynamic workplace environment.”

SCS Oak Engage intranet homepage

Personalised news

Oak has allowed ScS to deliver targeted and relevant content to their colleagues to reduce noise and increase engagement. Jo said: “News was traditionally sent out as a once a week, one size fits all traditional newsletter. Oak Engage now enables us to send relevant and engaging communications in different ways such as notifications and breaking news and we can also tailor these to different audiences.”

Latest News also ensures that colleagues are always up-to-date with the most recent company developments. Jo adds: “This has been essential in keeping everyone informed, especially in a fast-paced retail environment.”

SCS Oak Engage Intranet Newsroom

Accessible from anywhere

The ScS branded mobile app developed by Oak Engage has become a vital tool for employee engagement. It reflects the company’s identity and is tailored to their specific needs. The app’s user-friendly design and accessibility on various devices ensure that all colleagues, regardless of their location or role, can stay informed and connected.

Jo comments: “The branded app reinforces our identity as a company and provides a consistent, familiar interface for our colleagues. It's not just a tool, it's a representation of our culture and values. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the app mean that everyone, regardless of how tech-savvy they are, can engage and connect. This has been pivotal in enhancing the sense of belonging and team spirit across the company.”

SCS Oak Engage intranet mobile app

Easy access to tools and resources

The comprehensive nature of Oak Engage’s platform means that ScS colleagues now have a central hub for all their needs. From accessing the latest company news and updates, to finding important documents, policies and resources such as their benefits platform, everything is in one place.

Jo adds: “Oak has allowed us to establish a single source of truth for our people. Oak’s document management system empowers our people and gives them the autonomy and ownership to access the tools and resources they need. Oak’s advanced search functionality also makes it so much easier for colleagues to quickly and easily find this information and reduces frustration. This centralised approach has streamlined processes, reduced time spent searching for information and improved overall productivity and efficiency.”

Celebrating achievements

It was key for ScS to celebrate colleague achievements and milestones in order to create a closer community. Jo said: “Oak has given us a digital place where we are able to now communicate in different ways, connect with colleagues and recognise our colleague’s right across the business so they feel part of the ScS family. This just wasn’t possible before.”

There is also a social timeline where everyone can interact, share and post their own content to promote two-way communication and foster an inclusive environment.

SCS Oak Engage employee recognition

Jo said: “The social features incorporated into the platform have fostered a more inclusive and interactive workplace. Colleagues can now share updates, celebrate milestones and interact with each other’s posts. This feature has not only improved communication but also helped in building a more connected and engaged community within ScS.”

“With Our ScS home, recognising and celebrating colleagues’ achievements has become more visible and widespread. The ability to acknowledge colleagues’ contributions publicly has boosted morale and encouraged a culture of appreciation and recognition.”

What’s next

Lucy Clough, Group People Director at ScS said: “Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with 81% of users expressing their appreciation for the platform. There’s so much more to come and we’re excited for future developments in the product.”

ScS are also exploring ways to connect even further with colleagues, using features like Hubs. Community hubs will bring ScS’s colleagues together and promote better two-way communication, fostering an inclusive environment and allowing their people to feel a sense of belonging.

“Our goal with Our ScS home is to make it the heartbeat of our organisation, touching every aspect of our business and to create a place people love to work. Our ScS home was centred on colleague feedback and aligns with our company purpose which is ‘helping to create the home you love’.”

“It's a place where colleagues feel connected, informed, and valued, regardless of their physical location. The success of the partnership is evident in the high engagement rates, with a significant percentage of the workforce actively using the platform in such a short space of time. This launch marks the first phase of a broader plan to introduce additional tools focussed on celebrating success, product engagement, sustainability and streamlined corporate communications.”

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