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Employee Engagement App

A platform for everyone

Reach and engage every single employee with a convenient employee engagement app that facilitates communities and staff recognition.

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Empowered employees are engaged employees

Oak Engage offers a streamlined process to boost employee engagement, promote wellbeing and connect your people at the touch of an app. It allows employees to interact through engaging content and gives everyone a single source of truth for everything they need when they need it, driving productivity and performance.

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Reach and connect your deskless workforce

Oak’s app is the quickest way to reach every employee, wherever they are, 24/7. No need for corporate email, office 365 licences or company devices. Oak bridges the gap between central systems and frontline workers, with a QR code sign up on their personal device. Access to key documents and systems, and easily integrated payroll and rota data available to those without access to corporate systems. Deskless workers can receive instant critical updates, engage with content and directly communicate with each other.

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Immersive experience,
from anywhere

Give your employees a fully personalised and intuitive experience that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Oak’s app is simple to use and ensures your brand identity and key values are reflected throughout. Unlike other mobile apps, Oak offers the same immersive experience as the desktop app, keeping all employees aligned, informed and engaged.

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Create close communities within your organisation

Create a window into your organisation and bring your community closer than you could have ever imagined. Oak allows your people to connect, collaborate and share what they’re working on. We support a social and collaborative environment with tools that will make it easy for your employees to interact and share their own content, giving you all the tools to build and grow a sense of community.

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Make your employees feel valued and appreciated

Champion recognition and foster a sense of belonging by celebrating achievements, promotions and other snippets across the business.  We enable you to create a culture of inclusivity and recognition that will make your people feel good, resulting in a happier and more productive workforce.

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Give employees a voice and build trust

A platform that is built with employee’s needs in mind. Oak encourages true participation and allows you to form two-way communication with your employees. Inspire employees to share their opinion so they can have their say, ask questions and provide feedback. This will give you valuable and detailed insight that you can take action on so your employees feel heard and understood. 

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