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Recognition and awards

Share praise and say thanks for going the extra mile

Create a positive work environment aligned to your values and show appreciation for your people.

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Recognise and reward employees

Make employees feel valued and appreciated

Drive company values

Show appreciation for your colleagues

Celebrate employee milestones, give shoutouts to people who have gone the extra mile or nominate someone for an award. These small tokens of thanks can go a long way in showing recognition and can be made visible company-wide. The more often people see others showing appreciation, the more others will feel encouraged to do the same, boosting morale and reinforcing that individuals are truly valued for their contributions.

Instantly celebrate team achievements

Send a colleague praise for a job well done or additional support during a busy period. Your people can use the recognition applet to share a note of thanks or praise to anyone across the company, in a matter of seconds. Simply click on the applet, select the individual, write a few words and your colleague will immediately be notified of the recognition.

Align employee recognition with company values

Colleagues can nominate each other for awards right across the business. Recognise employees who have truly demonstrated one of your company values, which will ensure your values are maintained throughout your organisation. With a more detailed submission form, you can use this feature for HR-led or company-wide initiatives, such as employee of the month, quarterly achievement awards and more.

“With Our ScS home, recognising and celebrating colleagues’ achievements has become more visible and widespread. The ability to acknowledge colleagues’ contributions publicly has boosted morale and encouraged a culture of appreciation and recognition.”

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