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Why a Mobile Intranet App is Vital for Employee Engagement

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Why a Mobile Intranet App is Vital for Employee Engagement
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    In today’s workplace, mobile apps for employee engagement have become vital for an organization's success. The average person picks up their phone 96 times a day, so it’s not surprising a mobile intranet app has emerged to boost employee engagement. Today, mobile intranet apps keep entire businesses connected, both inside and outside of working hours. Being able to reach deskless workers is more essential than ever, so your focus as a company should now be to connect your workforce, wherever they are. You should make sure they have everything they need in one single place to ensure their job is done effectively.

    80% of the global workforce is now deskless, this covers everything from frontline workers to freelancers. What all these people have in common is that most deskless workers don't have a means to connect and interact with their employer and other colleagues.

    Only 15% of workers are actively engaged in their jobs, meaning enterprises are desperately trying to pull their employees in the same direction. This is where an employee engagement app comes in, having an app for your company intranet platform makes it easier for employees to get information, stay connected and get support whenever they need it. Staff engagement apps are also more than just a way of sharing company news - they can enable your company to implement changes or gather valuable employee feedback.

    What are the Benefits of a Mobile Intranet App?


    Always Connected

    A boost in business connectivity is one of the most beneficial results you’ll see when you implement a mobile intranet app. When your employees are aligned with company goals, culture, projects and each other, they provide outstanding work to the best of their ability. An intranet mobile app to engage your employees takes this to the next level. Workforces are able to contact colleagues and employee communication will never be an issue with direct messaging and employee directory. Most importantly, users can connect wherever and whenever they want.


    Support for Deskless Workers

    Having a mobile app means any critical information is accessible on any device and it allows employees who are moving from one location to the next or frontline workers to do their work on-the-go rather than having to drive back to an office.

    Deskless worker using mobile intranet app

    Productivity Boost

    Employees will find themselves being more productive with a mobile intranet app as many people experience down time during the day. With a digital workplace at their disposal, users can access work anywhere, any time. Productivity rates amongst employees will improve. 


    Heightened Employee Engagement

    A mobile intranet app will build a stronger bond between your employees and your company, this means higher engagement rates for the whole organisation.

    6 Key Features to look out for in a Mobile Intranet App


    1. Instant Messenger 

    Not every message that employees share on the company intranet is meant for everyone to see. This is what instant messenger is for. Group and private chats are a key feature when you are looking for an intranet app. Team members can ask questions, collaborate more efficiently and get advice about tasks they are working on in real-time.

    Oak messenger is designed to improve employee productivity and workplace engagement, users are able to send instant messages to one specific person or a whole group. Perfect for department communication, remote workers and general social interaction between employees. 

    Oak Engage messenger via a mobile intranet app

    2. Employee Recognition Software

    The company intranet is a great place to post messages recognising employee achievements in both their professional and personal lives. This will enhance great company culture and massively boost employee morale.

    Oak’s employee recognition software within the mobile app itself helps companies boost morale and let employees know they care by celebrating milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. The employee recognition feature has an inbuilt timeline, meaning employees can comment on achievements at any time. This contributes to a positive working environment, which will in turn, boost morale, improve employee wellbeing and increase collaboration and productivity.

    3. Communities of Interest (Hubs)

    Hubs are communities of interest, which encourage employees to connect through shared interests or hobbies. Designed to be social, an employee engagement app allows users to post links, videos and text on topics that different communities would find interesting, amusing or educational. Virtual ‘water cooler’ hubs allow deskless workers to get to their colleagues or remote teams being able to connect on a more personal level from home.

    At Oak, hubs bring employees together, allowing them to share and collaborate on common interests. Whether you need to share content company-wide, share the latest user interface designs with a select group, or simply want a place to talk about the next social event. Hubs allow you to instantly connect and target the right people.

    Oak Engage hub

    4. Push Notifications 

    The best mobile app for employee engagement keep users up to date with push notifications. Real time company announcements can be sent out to each employee’s smartphone, allowing them to be notified of something quickly.

    Push notifications make the immediate reception of important information possible, anytime and anywhere. Among other things, Oak has been designed to inform, alert and help maximise the efficiency and productivity of workers. This transparency increases trust and creates lasting relationships between employers and employees.

    5. Employee Profiles and Directory

    A searchable online directory is a convenient way for managers and employees to find the information they need on another colleague. This is an indispensible feature to have within your staff engagement app and will help save both time and increase productivity.

    At Oak, we understand that It’s important for a company intranet to make it easy for employees to learn as much about their colleagues as possible. This feature helps onboarding new employees and supports them throughout getting to know the company better. With this feature, individuals can access information on people from different departments in an efficient manner. Employee profiles also help people get to know each other on a more personal level and makes it easier for management to get answers to questions they may have about an employee's activities in the virtual workspace.

    Oak Engage Employee Directory Feature

    6. Enabling Integrations 

    Ideally, you want to choose a mobile intranet app that can integrate with existing company processes. 

    Make your company intranet the gateway to your entire digital workplace, with built-in integrations allowing you to unite all of your favourite business platforms. Oak can integrate with many providers and platforms, helping you to improve efficiency across your organisation and departments.

    In Conclusion

    As we are constantly undergoing changes to the working world, companies wishing to remain competitive in their industry will need to embrace new modes of working, like mobile apps for employee engagement. When the entire digital workplace is at your fingertips, the advantages that an app can provide to your business are virtually endless.

    Want to find out how Oak could personalise to your business? Get in touch today.

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