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Oak Engage FAQs

We’re open and transparent so if you’ve got a question we’ll do our best to answer it. If we haven’t answered your question below, please get in touch.

What is Oak Engage?

We’re Oak Engage. Our employee engagement and intranet solution empowers you to reach every employee, every time.

Our mission? We’re here to make communication simple. We believe there is a better way to use technology to engage employees, cut through the noise, and inspire action that puts people at the heart of organisations.

We deliver next generation curated content across a modern intranet and employee engagement solutions across desktop and mobile devices. We empower HR and internal comms teams to surface relevant content, to the right people, at the right time.

What is Aria?

Create compelling content with Aria, our new Artificial Intelligent Assistant. It’s a powerful tool that uses generative AI to produce high quality content based on your prompts, streamlining the content creation process.

Aria will be at the heart of Oak Engage and will continue to revolutionise the way organisations communicate with their people. Find out more here.


What is curated content?

Oak’s Curated Content system uses Artificial Intelligence to personalise content feeds for every single employee to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Find out more here.


We want to empower you in your role and take away the complexity. When sending content, Oak allows you to define the message, set your priority, organise the target audience and set the promotional period in a much more strategic way than was previously possible.

Smart Delivery

Oak’s Smart Delivery engine will then work out how to get it to people so you don’t have to. Using Artificial Intelligence, it creates a feed of content for every single employee. It takes many factors into consideration and will get smarter over time. This is to ensure employees receive targeted and relevant information in a way that they like to access it, across channels, reducing noise. The result? Increased engagement levels.


A noise free feed increases the impact of the content. Employees can also be empowered to personalise their news experience. This means they can specify what types of messages they want to see and opt out of things that aren’t relevant. Don’t worry, this doesn’t stop ‘must read’ content getting through, but gives a much richer experience for the employee and still gives the organisation some form of control.


Oak’s leading analytics measures, tracks and proves that the right message reaches the right people. It also provides insights on how audiences are reached and collectively measures the success and reach of campaigns so that a meaningful story can be crafted from the results and feedback. If you can’t find the report or KPIs you’re looking for, Oak allows you to search for it and AI will create the type of report you need instantly.

What is a modern intranet?

We’re not just an intranet. We’re so much more than that. Oak is a beautiful platform that provides communicators with a single source of truth. It reinforces your brand identity and supports meaningful conversations and feedback. It gives you insight into what success looks like and proves your team’s value. Find out more here.

How does Oak support employee engagement?

A mobile-first app that enables you to reach and connect every single employee, wherever they are, 24/7. Fostering a sense of belonging, it facilitates communities and allows you to celebrate achievements and encourages collaboration. Find out more here.


Bridge the gap for deskless employees. Through the Oak employee engagement app they are linked to every colleague in the organisation to foster better social and working relationships.
A searchable people directory, as well as tools to to socialise, share and collaborate through their app, gives employees more connectivity and an engaging experience.


Deskless and field employees do not have to be or feel out of sight. Employee recognition complements other social features such as timelines. You can cultivate a positive culture by recognising good work across the business, regardless of their location.
Optimise mobile landing pages to change the order in which employees view recognition, news feeds, payslips, rotas etc, so you can make this more of a focus.


Oak’s empowers workers to communicate with all of their colleagues and contribute to the conversation, even without a company device. With sign up access through QR codes, integrated social and feedback tools, deskless workers are very much part of the conversation.
Analytics also allows you to measure and view feedback from those hard to reach employees like never before.


Mobile friendly comms keep all workers informed. Even without a company device, employees can securely access key documents, rotas, payslips and receive comms through their mobile.
Deskless workers see instant critical updates, engage with content and communicate with each other, all through their Oak Engage app.

Where are you based?

Wherever is most convenient for you and your employees. We give your people the power to access Oak on any device at any time, from anywhere. This allows frontline and deskless workers to feel more connected with the rest of the business, improving engagement.

Physically, we’re based in the UK but have customers globally.

How much is Oak?

We understand that employee engagement isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. We offer a variety of options that can be tailored to your organisation, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. Discover which Oak plan is right for you here.

What support does Oak offer?

We provide tailored support services for each plan, including implementation guidance, updates on new features, and a customer newsletter. Gold, Platinum, and Platinum+ customers receive additional support from our Customer Success Account Management team to enhance engagement and ensure ongoing success.

Is Oak secure?

Extremely. Oak is built on Microsoft Technologies and hosted on Microsoft Azure; one of the most trusted and secure cloud platforms in the world. All Oak data is hosted in the same place you would find all of your SharePoint and Microsoft data. Azure boasts more security certification than any other cloud provider, including ISO 27001. More information on certification and compliance can be found on the Azure Trust Centre.

We understand that your data can be sensitive and you need it to be kept as safe as possible. To be sure that we’re as secure as possible for all our users around the world we use location based servers to keep your data within the localised area to comply with security needs. Our current service agreement also covers our commitment to our obligations under the DPA, and also complies with all GDPR regulations.

Where can I find the Oak app?

The Oak app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. While it can be easily found on these platforms, just like many other apps, your intranet can only be accessed with secure login credentials supplied by yourselves. This means only your employees that you’ve approved can access your systems and information ensuring data and information is kept safe.

You also have the option to have your employees use biometric authentication (fingerprint) to access the app for an extra layer of security, if you require it. This ensures that even if someone gains access to an unlocked phone they still cannot gain access to your systems.

How does Oak integrate with all of my other systems?

Oak integrates with SharePoint, Active Directory, Office 365, Google, OneDrive and your chosen HR system. Access your Outlook 365, Google or Exchange diary directly and upload directly from OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and many other providers.

Oak will become your integrated storage facility for all internal files, policies and documents. This will bring everything into one central place to help streamline searching for and accessing important business information. Combined with an intelligent federated search, your employees will have no issues accessing everything they need.

Does Oak support other languages?

We support multiple languages, contact us for more information. With one click articles can be translated, based on users' set languages within their profiles so users can view and consume content how they want to. This means you can auto translate articles and news from your other offices around the world to share insights and updates from different parts of your business.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Oak is breaking away from the content graveyard intranets we’ve all come to know and hate. Our research led approach has highlighted the common challenges that you face every single day. But how do you cut through the noise? How do you manage the overwhelmed? Using the right technology is key to overcoming these issues and Oak has the answer.

We wanted to create something that is more organic, self-organising and timeless. We wanted to create something that is outcomes focussed and build a platform that helps HR and Internal Comms teams work together to make sure the right content reaches the right people and intelligently surfaces the information.

We offer a solution that takes away the stress. We believe intranets should be working a whole lot harder for businesses. We empower you to be more strategic in your approach and allow you to focus your already limited resources on the things that truly matter.

Who do you help?

Everyone, and while that might sound cliche, we offer engagement solutions for all employees, no matter the industry, location or how your employees operate. Predominantly we support Human Resources and Internal Communications Teams with how they can communicate and engage their workforces but Oak has a huge reach and benefits for all employees in any business. From creating collaborative spaces, keeping all employees up to date with news, locating documents and policies or having meaningful conversations, Oak Engage is an invaluable tool for every employee.

What is employee engagement and how can you measure it?

Employee engagement refers to the level of emotional commitment, involvement and dedication an employee has towards their work, organisation and its goals. Engaged employees are passionate about their work, demonstrate high levels of productivity, exhibit a sense of ownership and are motivated to contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

Measuring employee engagement is important for organisations to assess the satisfaction and commitment levels of their employees and Oak gives businesses the essential tools to measure employee engagement and plays a key role in an internal communication strategy.

Features like Pulse Surveys and Polls and employee feedback and recognition enables you to capture real-time feedback from employees. They allow employees to have their say, provide feedback and recognise employee’s contributions. This gives a sense of belonging and increases employee engagement with two-way communication, fostering an inclusive work environment and makes your people feel valued, appreciated and heard. By monitoring employee feedback and recognition metrics, communication professionals can gauge engagement levels and fine-tune their communication strategies accordingly.

A common problem throughout the internal comms industry is measurement and proving the value. Oak combats this with in-product analytics that also provide insights on how audiences are reached and collectively measures the success and reach of communications so that a meaningful story can be crafted from the results and feedback.

Oak Engage contains the tools you need to demonstrate actionable insights and value that your senior leadership team will want to see.