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Oak Engage presents Comms in a Nutshell

The go to podcast for business leaders, internal comms professionals and those interested in employee wellbeing.

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Podcast hosts Scott and Vic

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Episode 5: “Challenges By Industry: Tarmac, EKFB, Vistry Group"

07 March 2022

In this episode, Vic & Scott are exploring how the panellists have adapted their internal communications strategies in light of the pandemic, how technology and their intranets have aided them over the last 18 months and how they tackle the challenge of connecting their ‘disconnected workers’.

Episode 2: “The Future of Work”

29 November 2021

What does the future of work look like? Find out as the business and marketing teams within Oak try out the four day week and five hour days, as well as an insightful interview with Cara De Lange on how the four day week works for her company Softer Success, as well as some top tips on managing burnout.

Episode 1: “The New Normal”

01 November 2021

In our first ever podcast episode hosts Vic & Scott discuss the current state of the workplace and how businesses can adapt to working in a post-pandemic world.

Getting Chatty Patty with Five Guys

29 October 2021

How does a global hospitality business get 99% of its users using their internal communications app? Vic & Scott spoke to Five Guys to discover the secret ingredients for successful internal communications.