Intranet Software for Education

Breakdown information silos and boost education with a smart Oak Intranet.

Education moulds the minds of future generations and introduces progressive ideas that shape society. See what you can accomplish with Oak Intranet. 

Leverage intellectual resources

Oak is a social, information-centralised intranet platform that can help leverage the intellectual resources you have readily available on your campus. Staff can share knowledge with one another, send updates and have a single method of categorisation as all content is indexed for easier searchability. Plus, staff have integrated access to applications they’re already used to. 

Improve efficiency

Academic staff enjoy a simpler workflow and integrated apps through Oak. Instead of having to search for guidelines, fill out complicated forms or applications or hunt for updated information, they will have instant access to what they need. They can focus on getting the important stuff done, and not have to worry about the small things.  

Breakdown bureaucracy

Faculty and staff deal with difficult issues that can include campus politics and information silos that prevents knowledge sharing. Through Oak, build a community and allow staff to get to know each other better. Staff can find the right person for issues through a campus-wide intranet and connect through social tools.

A brilliant intranet design for Education

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Other education intranet benefits

Reflect your school identity

Customise your intranet with your school colours and identity so your staff and students are fully immersed into the institution the moment they login.

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Familiar interface

Oak is designed to be simple to learn, easy to use with a familiar social user interface, allowing people to easily navigate and publish content without training.

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Manage Documents

Control when documents are published, see a revision history and be notified when content needs to be reviewed. Ensure employees view any critical information changes.

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Onboard your students & staff

Engage all new students and staff from the start through an onboarding homepage on Oak and align them to your school culture and expectations.

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Mobile Access

Students and staff can take the intranet everywhere with them through Oak’s branded intranet app for iOS and Android to access important information on-the-go.

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Manage intranet access

You’re in control as to who has access to school information on Oak. Set permissions for certain user groups, IP addresses, or choose your own authentication methods.

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See Oak in action

To see how else Oak can help you get stuff done in the education sector, check out all our features or watch a demo.

Some of our education customers

Oak education customer logos
Oak education customer logos

“The powerful search and tagging functions in Oak have been
a great solution for knowledge management in our company.”

Catriona Scott, People Director at Explore Learning