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Power Up Your Engagement

We know how important efficiency, productivity and engagement are in utilities. 

With dedicated solutions designed to improve employee’s day to day, Oak Engage effortlessly modernises the approach to logistics through personalised and engaging experiences.

Through built-in analytics you can monitor content engagement to measure the success of your internal comms in real time.

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Centralise Projects

Boost efficiency and information sharing

During complex projects, it’s important to keep information in one central location for both internal and external stakeholders. 

Oak Engage’s intranet and extranet make collaboration on projects a simple and pain free process.

Central document management takes away the pain of endlessly searching for info, helping employees connect and work more efficiently with others


Connect deskless workers

Deskless workers should be kept in the loop. Oak’s mobile app can keep them connected to the information they need while travelling or onsite. 

Dedicated hubs for collaboration across departments help create clear channels of communication to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Using the staff directory, employees can also connect with whoever they need to in a matter of seconds.


Instant communication

Cut through the noise and send personalised updates to employees through Smart Delivery.

Instant updates can also be sent via push notifications, ensuring workers are kept updated. 

With Oak Engage, communication is simple, relevant and entirely unique to each and every one of your people across all channels.

Intranet Features For Your Utilities Company

Mobile App

Provide an immersive experience and give employees remote access to their company intranet. 



Transform how you work with 3rd parties via our cloud based extranet software. 


Content Management

Allow your workforce to access content and complete tasks anywhere, anytime. 


Hubs & Communities

Create dedicated areas for your employees to come together and collaborate.


Knowledge Base

Provide employees with information and support to get the most out of your people.



Provide your employees with instant access to anything they need. 


Severfield workers

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“We were incredibly impressed by the pure simplicity in creating content and building pages. It looks modern and works great across all devices."

Wanting to power-up your engagement?

Learn how Oak Engage can effortlessly modernise the approach to logistics through personalised and engaging experiences.


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