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Gear Up Your Internal Comms

In the automotive industry, keeping employees informed and connected across different locations can be challenging. 

Oak Engage is the modern internal communication platform that brings workers and the business closer together, wherever they are. 

With mobile connectivity, centralised information and Smart Delivery, Oak helps to make internal comms more personalised and engaging across all of your sites and garages.

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Halfords staff

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“The best thing about Oak is how intuitive it is. Within a few hours the team was up to speed with how to publish new articles and rearrange homepages."


Connecting Deskless Workers

Deskless workers are vital across the automotive industry. They need to be kept in the loop. 

Whether it's instant updates through push notifications or easy access to documents through content management and search, Oak’s mobile app connects workers to information wherever they are.


Unify people

In the automotive industry, working across different sites and regional divisions can make clear communication difficult to achieve. 

From ordering parts to a garage or communicating specific messages to a particular site, Oak Engage is the ultimate hub for your workforce.

Smart Delivery, Adaptive Intelligence and personalised Newsletters ensure messages are targeted and relevant, so the right people get the right information.


Drive business outcomes

Your Oak intranet will boost productivity and reduce safety risk helping your business achieve its objectives. 

Uniformed and centralised content sources with mobile accessibility, will ensure employees can keep up-to-date with policies and procedures. 

Intranet Features For Your Automotive Company

Mobile App

Provide an immersive experience and give employees remote access to their company intranet. 


Social Intranet

Give your employees endless ways to communicate via integrated social features.


People Directory

Make it easy for your employees to extract important information about colleagues. 


Hubs & Communities

Create dedicated areas for your employees to come together and collaborate.


Content Management 

Allow your workforce to access content and complete tasks anywhere, anytime. 


Knowledge base

Provide employees with information and support to get the most out of your people.


Looking to gear up your internal communications?

Learn how Oak Engage drives engagement and brings those in the business closer together, wherever they are.


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