Five Guys:
Connecting Their Workforce
with Oak Engage

Recognised as the fastest-growing burger restaurant in the UK, Five Guys, partnered with Oak to meet the engagement needs of their workforce throughout the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

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Industry: Food & Drink  |  No. of users: 5,000
Area: Europe

The Challenge

When they first came to Oak, Five Guys relied on traditional printed methods of communication; this included posting updates on notice boards in staff rooms or emailing stores company information separately. They needed an innovative solution that would allow them to reach their workforce fast and to track that information had been received.

With a large deskless workforce, they needed a platform where they could store important documents such as training materials and rota’s and payslips in one secure place.

Why Oak?

After recognising they needed a more effective internal communications solution; the search began for the perfect fit. Several pitches later and still no luck finding the provider right for them, Oak came along.
It wasn’t just the innovative and easy to use technology that attracted Five Guys to Oak. They quickly realised they had more in common with the Oak team than they thought; being fanatical about burgers, fries and people they also discovered Oak were passionate about employee engagement and promoting positive workplace culture.

Bowled over by the ease of use of Oak’s technology and sharing strong core values, it was no question for Five Guys to partner with Oak to implement their company intranet.

Planning & Implementation

As with many plans this year, the global pandemic did have a slight impact as Five Guys were still in the middle of the testing period when the pandemic started. However, this gave a lot of urgency to the project as it was critical for the launch to go ahead so they could stay in contact with their workforce at such a crucial time. Luckily with the help of Oak, they created a slimmed-down version where employees could keep up to date with important company news and information.

To get their employee engagement app up and running, Oak worked closely with Five Guys to get their workforce onboarded to the app, populated with critical news and information and sent out push notifications to all staff so they were always kept up to date.

How Oak Helped

  • Streamlined process of sending out critical news and updates to crew members
  • Simplified communication
  • Improved employee experience with crew members being able to interact with each other through engaging content

Industry: Food & Drink

No. of users: 5,000-6,000

Area: Europe

“Oak provided a well-rounded app that did a bit of everything and we thought that was perfect for us. Whatever we’ve asked for from Oak we’ve absolutely received and that’s hugely reassuring.”

Five Guys' Results

99% of users accessing via their mobile device

68% user growth in 2 months

141,000 content views from March-July