Intranet for Retail

Engage your retail workforce with Oak Intranet’s mobile app.

Retailers must be innovative to succeed in a competitive market. Give your employees the right tools to stay ahead.  

Here’s what you can accomplish with Oak. 

Make your employees your new customers

On Oak, frontline employees have mobile access to the intranet for a more inclusive experience, connecting them to company news, payslips, schedules and holidays. 

Get an edge on competitors

Customers want their products fast, with a personalised experience, and to shop on the go.

Through Oak, your staff can access integrated software to look up product availability, updated website information, manage customer queries and complaints and improve the overall customer experience.

Engage employees for happier customers

Create a positive, supportive environment for your customer-facing employees by putting them at the heart of your business goals.

On Oak, employee’s workflow is streamlined and flexible, connecting them to what they need most, including schedules and payslips.

Branded retail intranet design

Other retail intranet benefits

Reflect your retail brand

Customise your intranet with your brand and colours so your employees are fully immersed into the company the moment they login.

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Bring people together

Oak is your employee’s virtual office where everyone can get to know each other and be connected to company information so they can make faster, better-informed decisions.

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Mobile Access

Retail employees can take the intranet everywhere through Oak’s mobile-optimised app and get important information for themselves and their customers easily.

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Onboard your retail staff

Engage all new staff from the get-go through a dedicated onboarding homepage and align them to your company culture and ethos.

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Stay on top of training

Connect your retail employees to new training. Integrate with e-learning solutions, such as Miyagi, or upload training content directly onto Oak for easy access.

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Manage employee data

Keep company access secure in case an employee leaves by stopping all access to the intranet, ensuring all data is no longer stored on their mobile.

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See Oak in action

To see how else Oak can help you get stuff done in retail, check out all our features or watch a demo.

Some of our retail customers

Oak retail customer logos
Oak retail customer logos

Hear what some of our retail customers
have said about Oak and working with us.

“The best thing about Oak is how intuitive it is. Within a few hours the team was up to speed with how to publish new articles and rearrange homepages”

Ben Cook, Project Manager at Halfords Autocentre