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Oak is boohoo’s ‘constant cost saver’

boohoo PLC is a leading online retailer, boasting 13 major brands as part of their portfolio. Keeping such a vast, diverse workforce connected and informed is not an easy task, but one boohoo group has been determined to excel in. They were keen to implement an internal comms platform that integrated with their creative, modern brand. As a result, boohoo partnered with Oak Engage to implement boohooforyou in early 2020.

Industry: Retail | No. of users: 6,400 | Area: UK

“Boohoo is a creative, visual brand. Having a platform which ties in with the business and is able to host engaging social content helps our culture. Content they can like, share and comment on drives colleagues onto a platform that gives them everything they need to do their jobs.”

The Challenge

Connecting desk-less workers

With multi-locations and a number of deskless workers, boohoo faced challenges communicating with their staff. They found it difficult juggling their continuous growth and the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic.

boohoo wanted to improve communication with their deskless workers in the warehouse, who previously relied on notice boards for updates and on HR for important policy documents. They needed a mobile-friendly platform to connect warehouse workers to everything they need to carry out their role, with the necessity of tailoring comms to specific groups to make them more digestible for non-native English speakers.

In addition to this, with a number of new starters, they needed a platform that would showcase the brand so that the entire workforce were embedded into their culture. boohoo needed a platform to facilitate all this, but also complemented what they already had, with employees needing access to multiple systems in their day-to-day.

The Solution

Tailored and targeted content

Tailor Made Content to Connect Warehouse Staff

With Oak, boohoo were able to provide a fully responsive mobile app with centralised document management, so warehouse staff were no longer at a disadvantage.

They were also able to tailor content and push notifications specifically to non-native speakers to make content more engaging. Maddie said: “Having all communications on their mobile has become a huge tool that all the warehouse staff use.”

Onboarding & Integrating Workers into the Culture

Oak became the platform for boohoo’s Agenda for Change initiative and hosts content through their D&I and wellbeing community hubs. But, of particular significance have been the recordings of town hall meetings on their multimedia gallery, helping integrate employees onboarding remotely during the pandemic. boohooforyou’s social timeline has meant that informative content and important updates could be delivered in an engaging way.

Integrating with their Current Systems

Integrating seamlessly with third party apps used for things like booking travel and documenting expenses, Boohooforyou has become the all-in-one platform they wanted. As Maddie put it: “Oak is basically the central hub for absolutely everything!”

Maddie added: “The learning material and social content have helped to boost engagement on our intranet.”

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