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PizzaExpress keep employees updated easily

With over 360 restaurants in the UK, leading restaurant group, PizzaExpress needed to upgrade their intranet to keep its large workforce updated with ease. Read on to discover how Oak Engage helped PizzaExpress transform their communication process and keep its employees up to date with important information during the pandemic. 

Industry: Hospitality | No. of users: 16,500 | Area: UK

The Challenge

Simplifying their communication process

PizzaExpress needed to simplify its communication process; their previous intranet wasn’t user friendly and was very outdated. This meant that it was very time consuming for employees to find key documents and information. 

Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, employees struggled to find information that was critical to a safe return to work. Previously using two different platforms they needed to bring communications into one place to ensure consistent, regular, easy to access comms when they needed it the most.

The Solution

Tailored and targeted content

As with many of our other clients, it was the people at Oak that stood out to PizzaExpress. With the support of our dedicated Customer Success team who are always quick to respond and go the extra mile, PizzaExpress has been able to create a consistent method of communication to keep its management team informed and connected to the business at all times.

Internal news

During the pandemic, their intranet ‘The Hub’ became the source of information for all aspects of the business. PizzaExpress used it to share important information relating to the pandemic such as safety posters and government announcements.

Employee Training

By using Oak’s Publication feature, PizzaExpress can distribute training materials about operating in a Covid safe environment to their employees quickly and with ease.

Company Operations

PizzaExpress uses The Hub as an operational tool for managers to find detailed company information easily and to use features in Oak such as the Timeline and Q&A to ask operational led questions.

Enhanced user experience

The smart interface and easy navigation of Oak have enabled PizzaExpress to bring all of its communications into one central location - instead of using two platforms like they were previously.

“We couldn’t have got through the last year if it wasn’t for Oak. Their modern platform brought us out of the stone age and was the source of information for all levels of the business. From sharing important company information to uploading training information about operating in a Covid safe environment, we were able to get information to our employees quickly.”

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