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Oak Engage is the clear winner for MFA Oil

We've partnered with MFA Oil, an energy cooperative based in Columbia Missouri. We spoke with Jody Confer, Sr. Web Design Specialist, and Jeff Hopkins, IT Services Director, on why they selected us as their intranet of choice over the competition.

Industry: Utilities  |  No. of users: 2,000  |  Area: United States

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The Challenge

Fixing an outdated platform

MFA Oil needed a serious intranet upgrade. Their previous intranet wasn’t up to speed and they had continuous problems keeping it updated and needed an easy to use, intuitive platform that had an impact on employee engagement.

The Solution

An intuitive, social intranet

We helped MFA Oil create an intuitive intranet that supports fun, engaging content and social connections to help keep employees connected and engaged.

Social Tools are an essential part of having an engaging intranet, so having tools such as instant messenger and spaces to connect - be it work related or spaces for fun - gave MFA Oil employees endless opportunities to connect with one another regardless of job role or status - making communication a breeze.

Having flexibility and control over content was another must-have for MFA OIl and Oak’s content creation and distribution abilities are second to none. Oak’s smart software helped MFA Oil completely personalise their employee experience by prioritising relevant and fresh communications to each individual employee. The Oak algorithms are very intuitive but also send communications based on employee preferences to ensure that your employees are getting the exact communication they want to see, combined with priority information you need them to see. No more communications overload. Here’s what they had to say:

"We love the flexibility and the control we have over the pages and content. That's been a big issue with our current system. We need to make sure our content owners stay up to date with fresh content on the site at all times."

“We gave them a multiple-page document, identifying different case studies and what we wanted to achieve. The Oak Engage team took the time to understand our expectations and provided solutions for all of our priorities.”

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