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Build a Knowledge Community

Bring your staff together in a digital space with Oak Engage.

In education, time is precious. It isn't always easy to spend time with your colleagues or keep up to date with the latest news.                                   

Oak Engage provides spaces not only for collaboration and cross-department communication in a virtual setting, but also socialising and building communities.

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Buckinghamshire New University

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“The user experience of Oak gave us everything we needed – attractive and easy to use for all staff no matter their technical capabilities”

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Social Intranet

Bring people together

Oak’s social intranet provides spaces for employees in education to engage with social content and connect with each other. 

The social timeline allows users to post and interact with content tailored to them, whilst community hubs and instant messaging can help employees build good working relationships.


Share content & knowledge

Education is all about sharing knowledge. Oak creates an environment that helps employees continuously learn whilst providing them with the tools to get information when they need it.

Integrating with several third party content sources and providing a content management platform, Oak means you can share and access content anytime, anywhere.


Relevant, timely updates

Everything that comes with working in education can make it difficult to keep up-to-date on important matters. 

Through Smart Delivery, Oak Engage curates customised newsletters for individuals to connect employees with relevant content, news & updates.

The user decides when they receive their newsletter, so they receive them at a time they are most likely to engage.

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Intranet Features For Education

Mobile App

Provide an immersive experience and give employees remote access to their company intranet. 


Social Intranet

Give your employees endless ways to communicate via integrated social features.


People Directory

Make it easy for your employees to extract important information about colleagues. 


Hubs & Communities

Create dedicated areas for your employees to come together and collaborate.


Content Management 

Allow your workforce to access content and complete tasks anywhere, anytime. 



Provide your employees with instant access to anything they need. 


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