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Oak Engage Provides Buckinghamshire New University With an Intuitive Intranet Platform

As a company that struggled with conveying key business messages to its employees, Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) needed an intuitive platform to help improve business communication and maximise employee engagement. Keep on reading to discover how Oak Engage helped transform their communication process.

Industry: Education  |  No. of users: 1,200
Area: England

The Challenge

Having initially relied on distributing internal communication through email, the communications team at BNU found this method incredibly time-consuming and difficult to target certain audiences within the company. Additionally, they would receive complaints from employees that messages were not read or lost in inboxes. They needed a platform where they could convey key business messages in one secure place to give them the confidence that their employees were being kept up-to-date.

Why Oak? 

Having looked at other intranet providers, it was the user experience of Oak Engage that won BNU over. Oak’s attractive interface and intuitiveness meant that the intranet could be used by all employees regardless of their technical capabilities.

The Launch

With varying technical capabilities amongst employees at BNU and people that were resistant to change, the team knew they had a task on their hands when it came to launching their new intranet, BEN (BNU Employee Network).

To create a buzz around the intranet, they created a ‘Where’s BEN?’ competition in which employees had to log in to the intranet to search for clues to find the university’s mascot, BEN the robot. 

BNU has also made its intranet a key part of its employee onboarding process as it’s included in every induction and is referred to as the ‘single source of truth’ for everything new employees need to know.


How Oak Helped 

Internal News and Information Distribution

Communication functionalities such as Breaking News and Push-E Notifications has allowed the intranet to behave like a news website. Employees can be kept up to date with critical business news and information in a matter of minutes.  

Increased Employee Engagement

BNU has used Pulse Surveys to monitor performance and measure employee satisfaction. Since distributing these surveys on the intranet the HR department has seen an engagement increase of 29%.

Shared Experience 

Thanks to Oak Engage, BNU has been able to keep its strong company culture alive while working from home; hosting quizzes, meetups and online events all through its intranet. To put employees at ease during the pandemic, they also hosted a live Q&A session via BEN which gave employees the opportunity to ask questions directly to their leadership team.

Industry: Education

No. of users: 1,200

Area: England

“The user experience of Oak gave us everything we needed – attractive and easy to use for all staff no matter their technical capabilities.”

BNU's Results

73% Monthly Engagement Rate

83% Total Active User Count

29% Increase in Engagement Surveys