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The go to podcast for business leaders, internal comms professionals and those interested in employee wellbeing.

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Podcast hosts Scott and Vic

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Episode 9: Why Your Business Needs an Adaptive Intranet

17 August 2022

In this episode we're talking all about Adaptive Intelligence, the new direction for Oak as an intranet and how it helps those in the world of internal communications. We sit down with our Director of Product, Dave Ferguson who tells us all about the power of adaptive intelligence and what it involves.

Episode 6: "Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture"

01 April 2022

Vic & Scott chat to Tamara Littleton, CEO of The Social Element and Lisa Seagroatt, Founder of HR Fit Purpose on how you can create a healthy workplace culture in a world where culture is becoming an essential element of a successful workplace.

Episode 5: “Challenges By Industry: Tarmac, EKFB, Vistry Group"

07 March 2022

In this episode, Vic & Scott are exploring how the panellists have adapted their internal communications strategies in light of the pandemic, how technology and their intranets have aided them over the last 18 months and how they tackle the challenge of connecting their ‘disconnected workers’.