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Established in 2000, OEC provides high-quality technology solutions to automakers and their franchised dealers all over the world.

Industry: Manufacturing  |  No. of users: 1,100
Area: North America

The Challenge

With so many employees globally, OEC faced the challenge of connecting and communicating with everyone quickly and efficiently. They also experienced issues with employees not having access to the same documents at the same time, which was important to them in order to give everyone the same experience and the chance to engage with those not in their office.

How Oak Engage Helped

Content Sharing and Management

Oak’s document manager allowed OEC to upload documents and other content to one centralised area, using a simple drag and drop tool. This means all their employees, no matter where they’re based, can access the same document, which in turn means everyone gets the exact same information.

Reaching Employees Globally

By utilising push notifications within Oak Engage, OEC can instantly send company-wide updates to everyone. OEC can even make messages mandatory to read, ensuring all critical updates and policy changes reach everyone.

Shared Experience

Employees are not only connected to one another, but also to the head office where they receive news, updates, and other important information — an important improvement as now everyone can enjoy the same experience and engage with everyone, including remote workers.

Industry: Manufacturing

No. of users: 1,100-1,500

Area: North America

“Being on our Oak intranet ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic was fantastic. In the midst of an ever-changing time, we already had our communications portal up and running when we needed it. We were able to immediately start broadcasting organisational updates and sharing resources around adapting to the new virtual workplace across the globe to all of our employees!”

OEC's Results

Centralised Documents

Real Time Updates

Increased Engagement