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Covid Vaccine, Test Management and Comms

Oak intranet covid tracking

With the rapid changes in the working world, intranets have become even more essential for organisations. Because of this we’ve developed a COVID-19 Resilience Pack to help companies from across various sectors manage their workforce.

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Oak intranet covid tracking

Your Covid 19 workforce management platform

We’ve developed our COVID-19 Resilience features to help companies from across any
sector manage, communicate and track the latest developments within their workforce.

Oak record vaccination on mobile app

Easy reporting of vaccination status

Using a simple online form, employees can enter details of their first and second vaccinations, complete with dates and manufacturer.

Evidence of vaccinations can easily be uploaded as part of the form, even on mobile devices.

Visibility of the form submissions can be controlled down the user level, easily exported to Excel, or wired up to a real time dashboard via Oak’s API hooks.

COVID reporting: record test results

We’ve created a place for employees to record their test results in a simple, fast and efficient manner, directly from the homepage. Within this form, employees can distinguish between the types of test that have been taken, when these were taken and also the results.

We’ve also included a place for results to be uploaded as evidence and act as data capture form for line managers. This way you can effectively and confidently certify who is eligible to come into work and who needs to self isolate.

Oak covid test report on mobile app
Oak security settings for covid site

Controlled access

As with all sensitive and personal content contained within Oak, only those with the correct permissions are able to view this data.

This applies to both the vaccination options and the testing so your employees can be sure that the data they supply will be kept confidential.

Push notifications & scheduling

Oak can send push notifications to both desktop and mobile users to deliver crucial information instantly. Depending on the current status of your workforce (at work/self isolating), Oak can segment the data to ensure the right employees are getting accurate and up to date information.

If there’s an outbreak, a new important policy in place or even just an update via messenger, push notifications make sure that information is distributed effectively and efficiently.

covid notifications on a smart phone
Oak dynamic covid content

Dynamic content

Oak’s dynamic capability allows you to send tailored content to your team depending on their current status. If team members are self isolating you can send them advice on what to do next, where to get help if they need it, or just let them know that you’re hoping they get well soon.

At the same time, you can segment a separate stream of content to teams that are in the office, providing key information on who’s absent and how to refocus workloads. This powerful targeting capability means your business never misses a beat and can react confidently to any scenario.

Dynamic experience

Oak offers a smart, rich and immersive experience to all users.If an employee records a positive test for example, Oak can automatically tailor the experience based on this specific outcome.

The employee can receive dynamic content over the duration of their isolation period, and when it ends, enter back into the normal content flow.

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Oak dynamic covid experience

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