Oak Intranet Awarded a Place on G-Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace

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Gateshead, UK — North East based company Oak Intranet won a place on the UK government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace for Cloud Services through the G-Cloud 11 framework.  

Oak is a leading SaaS provider for enterprise intranet software with 25-years’ experience backing global brands over fifty sectors. Oak is a North-East based company with offices in Newcastle and Durham. Being awarded a place on the G-Cloud framework bolsters the new 2019/20 initiative, One Region, One Sector, One Statement, introduced by Dynamo earlier this year. 

Oak’s intranet software is a cloud-based, out-of-the-box solution, aligned with UK and EU compliance and security standards. Oak joins fellow intranet providers SharePoint, Interact Intranet, and Unily on the framework.  

Oak being available through the Digital Marketplace means that enterprise companies, SME’s, non-profits and educational institutions can purchase Oak through the government’s listing. The benefits of which include a more efficient and cost-effective buying process in comparison to individual procurement contracts.   

What is G-Cloud?  

 G-Cloud is a framework for UK industries to purchase cloud-based services and software created as an initiative for industries to access more standardised, scalable and innovative solutions through the cloud.  

Since its emergence in 2011, cloud computing has become a significant part of the government and country’s IT infrastructure — contributing to savings of £725 million in 2016/17, with 47% going to SME’s.  

 The benefits of moving towards this initiative include saving on cost while saving time in the buying process. Additionally, companies and non-profits have increased access to a range of providers and services through a more transparent marketplace.  

Buying Oak intranet cloud software through the G-Cloud framework   

Purchasing Oak through the G-Cloud framework means Oak has gone through the stringent guidelines put in place by the UK government.  

“For the last two decades, we’ve been focussed on providing our customers with not only an excellent platform but the peace of mind and support in using our intranet software. Awarded a place on the G-Cloud framework provides further assurances that Oak is fully behind our customer’s needs.” 

  • Ajay Sood, Founder Oak Intranet  


Some key features available on Oak’s intranet software solution include:


To learn more about Oak Intranet, please visit www.oak.com.

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