Improve Internal Workflow

Powerful electronic intranet forms
Workflow screen

Drag. Drop. Done!

Replace your paper-based forms, processes, surveys, or employee polls with stunning and highly flexible Intranet versions. Build forms in seconds using a simple to use drag-and-drop form builder. Easily include pictures, help screens and even videos to make form filling a pleasure, not a chore!

Drag and Drop Workflow

Quickly and easily define different approval/rejection workflows for any form using a highly visual drag and drop interface. For example, you could create an expense form that automatically gets sent to the submitter’s line manager for approval and then (on approval) automatically gets routed to the Finance Department for payment.

Extensive reporting

Details of submitted processes can be easily analysed, including submitter details, submission dates, content and approval stages, (including outcomes). Results can also be exported for more detailed analysis and reporting with third-party applications such as Business Intelligence, Excel or Crystal Reports.

Oak makes it easy to ask the right questions

Processes can include multiple question types to give your users the most efficient and interactive experience possible. In fact, Oak supports over 15 different types of questions including drop-down lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, free-form text fields, file uploads and downloads, custom formats and even the ability to connect to other data sources.

Graphs and stats

Electronic Approvals Process

Once a process has been completed and submitted by a user, the entire approval process from there on is electronic. Reviewers are automatically informed of anything requiring their attention and approval, and submitters are kept up to date on the progress of their form submissions.