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HSS Hire use Oak Engage to modernise communications

HSS Hire are a market-leading supplier of tool and equipment hire in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as being a logistical and technical partner to businesses of all sizes.

Industry: Retail | No. of users: 5,000 | Area: UK and Ireland

HSS Hire
HSS Hire Employee

The Challenge

“Our previous system needed to be re-platformed, and HSS took the opportunity to modernise. I was tasked with replicating exactly what we had to keep the broad flow of the site familiar. Because of the re-platforming, this meant there was a time-sensitivity issue so like many projects it needed to be done as quickly as possible.”

Andy Haigh, Project Manager, HSS Hire

How Oak Helped 

Quick implementation

“The biggest selling point of Oak was how quick and easy it was to implement but that there were other advantages of the product that we could add later.”

“From choosing Oak Engage to going live, it was around four weeks which is impressive. It’s great to have a modern platform on which we can then build the features of Oak on. It puts us in a really good position going forwards.”

Quality of support

“We looked at another provider and they were also particularly strong, but the thing that  differentiated the providers was the Oak team. I liked the more relaxed nature, it felt less like a sales pitch and that sat really well with me. We received personalised presentations which aligned with our company values and branding and that really does go a long way to making it feel more personal. “

“I never got the feeling that anything was too much. What more could you want! It sounds crazy to say but I just got a good vibe, and it has worked so well.”

Stand Out 

When asked what he liked best about Oak, Andy commented:  “I think it’s the app feature where you’re able to build and personalise it to what you want. We might not use the latest news applet as it may not be relevant to us and we might want to go a different way. But we’ve got an intranet now with Oak Engage and it’s great to be able to tailor the system to how we want it and make incremental changes. Having something that you can incrementally improve on is much better for us as we build engagement with the system.”

Engaged Workforce 

“We have training scheduled for tier-one users who will essentially be champions of the platform. The Health and Safety team were previously stuck with limited functionality such as lists of information, so to have the tools to be able to jazz up that content and look at communication pieces is really great.”

“The Oak team even advised us on content, stating that people don’t want to read long pieces of text. Short snappy pieces of video content are key and would generate more engagement. Health and Safety is a huge part of HSS so for this team to explore this is a really exciting change.”

“The site has been really well received by our colleagues here at HSS Hire, our people are already appreciating the design of the platform. The solution is a great match with our colleague engagement strategy as well as our security and governance agenda. We’ve had such positive feedback around how much easier and more intuitive it is to use. Bottom line, secure and great to use”

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