New Starter Q&A

Meet the latest addition to the Oak Team, Craig Jobey. Craig has joined Oak as a Business Outreach Manager working on the Marketing Team. We caught up with Craig so you can get to know a bit more about him. 

What attracted you to Oak? 

I was first drawn to Oak with the emergence of employee engagement, being a topic that’s constantly growing. I’ve worked in many organisations where engagement hasn’t been too high on the agenda so I have first-hand experience of how it feels to be a disengaged employee. 

From first speaking with the team here at Oak, I loved how it was all about the people and personalities rather than scrutinising a CV. I’m a firm believer that skills can be taught & learnt over time so I was pretty hooked from first finding that out!

What will your role be at Oak? 

I’ll be working within the Marketing team as a Business Outreach Manager. Coming from predominantly a sales background, it’s going to be really interesting to have that input within team Marketing and help streamline our strategy. Ultimately, giving us a wider reach and continuing to show organisations the value that Oak can bring.

What are you most looking forward to while working with Oak? 

Part of the reason I was really drawn to working for Oak, was starting at a similar time to several other people across Sales & Marketing. It’s really felt like the start of a project for a lot of us so even after only a month, it’s great to see some of our ideas starting to take shape. I can only imagine the satisfaction over time, but it’s been really refreshing to see our creativity and ideas being valued, and the confidence in our decisions.

Do you have any working from home tips to share? 

Like many people, I really struggled initially adjusting to working from home full time. It was a struggle being in a completely different routine and creating that separation between home & work life. Aside from the daily walk and fresh air, the top tip that’s helped me is whilst I’m working - shoes are on!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? 

Aside from the tattoos being the typical conversation starter, a fun fact is I’ve toured and released 2 albums with a band when I was a lot younger! Our music is still on iTunes and Spotify but it’s not quite paying the bills just yet..

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