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The Future of Working Report 2022- Have Your Say- Win Amazon Vouchers!

The Future of Working Report 2022- Have Your Say- Win Amazon Vouchers!

Oak Engage has launched the inaugural Future of Working report. YOU can have your say and the chance to win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers for that last minute Christmas shopping!

Why Should I Take Part?

What will the future of work look like? Do you want flexible hours as standard, a four-day week, a return to office working? You can add valuable insight and help shape the debate in a defining period for working life. 

As well as automatic entry into our prize draws, you will receive a free copy upon launch in March 2022 (approx). This will include data segmented by department and industry, helping you to benchmark your business against the rest. 

What is in the Report?

The report will focus on four key areas:

  • Remote & hybrid working
  • Adoption of new working patterns such as a four-day week 
  • The ‘Great Resignation’ 
  • Internal communication

Data from our surveys will be presented in the report to reflect a broad range of businesses and departments. 

This will be accompanied by in-depth analysis from industry experts. These include people scientists, leadership experts, employee retention specialists and more. 

How to Take Part

Employees from around the world are having their say. Will you? Click the link below and take the survey on your mobile, desktop or tablet device. 

      Mobile phone shows the question ‘Which of the following is available to you via your business?’

Enter our survey here to be in with a chance of winning £50 worth of Amazon vouchers*


*Two prize draws in December 2021 and January 2022- You will only be entered into one draw once the survey is completed and email address entered. Oak will share the winner on Linkedin, as well as emailing  directly 

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