5 Ways an Intranet Could Prevent Loss of Information Oak Engage
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5 Ways an Intranet Could Prevent Loss of Information

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5 Ways an Intranet Could Prevent Loss of Information
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    Access to information is essential for the productivity and development of your workforce, as well as being centric to collaboration across teams and departments. Why then are so many businesses failing in this?

    This is evident in the fact that 54% of professionals report wasting time searching for files in cluttered online filing systems. It’s important that businesses look for new ways to make messages more targeted and engaging. 

             Image shows that 54% of employees report wasting time searching for files in cluttered online filing systems

    If you’ve invested resources into technology to rectify the issue, you may think ‘is this problem actually fixable?’. The answer is yes and it can be in the form of your company intranet. 

    In this blog, we will show you how your intranet can prevent information loss in 5 different ways.

    These include:

    • Helps to connect all employees
    • Keeps information all in one place 
    • Boosts knowledge sharing 
    • Company data and apps
    • Business procedures

    Helps to Connect All Employees

    Online collaboration tools and digital workplaces can boost productivity by up to 30%! It’s no secret that the right workplace tech helps to refocus employees on important areas of their jobs by keeping them informed and connected.

           Image shows online collaboration and digital workplaces boost productivity by up to 30%

    Oak’s solution helps to automate the process of getting the right information out to the right people at the right time. Curated Content surfaces content for the individual user, so important information does not get lost in a sea of irrelevance. Smart Delivery also curates email newsletters with content based on their interactions, behaviours and their role.

                                       mage shows a news roundup, heading by ‘Missed the latest CEO update?’

    Keeps Information in One Place

    You must have heard the saying 'too many cooks spoil the broth?" Well, you can apply this to information sources too. Having multiple channels of information makes it far easier for a lot of it to slip through the proverbial net. 

    Through Oak’s intelligent platform you can focus on delivering strategic aims of internal comms through prioritising individual messaging. Based on algorithms and behaviours, newsletters can be curated with relevant updates. Users can configure which days they would like to receive a newsletter. This way, they receive news and updates relevant to them, at a time when they will be able to digest it properly. 

    Disparate and unorganised information sources are one of the root causes of wasted hours at work, so keeping streamlining into a newsletter can help!

    Boosts Knowledge Sharing 

    55% of employees prefer peer-to-peer learning rather than learning from top management. They learn a lot from each other! But, this has become more challenging to do in virtual environments. It is very important that your business adapts.

             mage shows 55% of employees prefer peer-to-peer learning to learning from top management

    Visibility is the main issue here, but with Smart Delivery that maximises engagement, you will see interactions and collaboration skyrocket. With content based on behaviour, relevance and priority, their news feed will be a lot more focused and engaging. As a result, employees are more likely to interact with content that matters to them, interacting with colleagues and sharing ideas. 

                        Image shows employee viewing laptop , with image of intranet homepage

    Company Data and Apps 

    Oak’s customers are reaping the benefits of having a single source to access apps and data. Maddie Birtwhistle, Internal Comms Executive at boohoo, said: “Oak is our hub for absolutely everything.” 

    A modern solution like Oak integrates with third party apps and systems so employees can access these easily. 

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    Your Oak solution can also maximise engagement from your intranet through user data. Not only do Smart Delivery and Adaptive Intelligence utilise data from behaviours and interactions on your intranet, but you can also view engagement data in real-time. Through this, you can measure the impact of the content you’re putting out.

                     Image of dashboard showing data from number of users and content views

    Business Procedures

    Policy and procedure are an absolute essential for any workforce, but they can often be forgotten about. With a lack of clarity and transparency, businesses carry out big risks that threaten the company's success and its very existence. 

                              ALT Text: Image shows notifications on mobile device with a read receipt for COVID-19

    One way that Adaptive Intelligence helps align people with policy is through the delivery of messages across all channels. For example, deskless workers with no desktop access will receive policy updates through Push Notifications on their mobile devices. With mandatory reads attached to essential updates, you can rest assured that employees are aware of policies and procedures.  


    Clearly, loss of information and time consuming processes can weigh heavily on a business. Now, you have the solution to this problem in the form of a modern, intelligent solution like Oak. 

    If you want to see how an Oak intranet could help improve engagement and efficiency in your business, book a demo today.

    How do disparate information sources and ineffective comms channels impact you? We would love to hear from you on our Linkedin and Twitter. 



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